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April 2008

Trucks, buses and autos without tail lights

A simple tail light can save thousands of mishaps that occur on highways and even on city roads. Yet, most of the transport oriented vehicles including BBMP buses, trucks and autos have no tail lights. It's a horrid sore scene to see the lack of tail lights on almost all of these vehicles. They are a hazard mostly on high speed zones - such as ORR and highways. Obviously 'high speed' is a relative term used in comparison with city roads.

BIAL Trip - reports, photos and impressions


Thanks Shane et al from BIAL for the nice arrangements. We gathered at Minsk Square by 9, left for BIA at 9:35 am, reached in about 50 minutes. We were shown around till about 12:30, and were dropped back at Minsk by 1:30 pm. Unfortunately, they couldn't arrange a Vajra/Volvo for us. But all in all, the visit itself, and putting faces to many online identities was good fun! Praja visitors will be using this post to record their photos and impressions.

Cemented Roads

Laying of cemented roads: In order to have long lasting roads, all roads should be cemented roads. Only a thin layer of bitumen or fine cement should be used for surface smoothness. Such cemented roads will

Roads around major Lakes (Belandur, Madiwala)

As traffic and congestion growing day by day in Bangalore city, it's high time to think of Alternate roads around major Lakes in the city. Especially in South Bangalore lakes like Belandur, Madiwala which can reduce congestion and help traffic diverted on the alternate routes. comment guidelines

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