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September 2007

cess for raising funds

There is a talk of metro becoming too difficult to implment as its expensive.. where properties need to be acquired.. I was reading about the elrts cess that was being colleced in the 90's to the early 00'. It comes up to a whooping 700 crores..its with the bmrcl now..

Choked Bangalore - Heart of the matter?

The best piece of news I have heard this month came last week. It goes "BBMP to book crook engineers". Its something we all know and suspect to be true for ever now, and the plan to break the so called 'nexus' is ambitious:

"BBMP will book the engineers of the erstwhile CMCs and TMC who have sanctioned projects on storm water drains, valleys, in agricultural lands etc. ... Taking a serious note of rampant violation of zoning regulations and building bylaws, the BBMP ... will trace these officials ... and recommend action against them ... In the wake of demolitions being carried out across the city, the BBMP has stumbled on several cases where engineers have encouraged encroachments in exchange for kickbacks running into lakhs of rupees."

Not that we haven't heard similar language before, but there is an interesting twist to BBMP's threat this time.

BMIC Fresh Global Tenders


The ongoing tussle between the State Government and Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE), promoters of the Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor (BMIC) project, has taken a new turn with the Government floating global tenders to take over the controversial project under the ‘Swiss challenge’.

PRR Phase I


Work on the first phase of the Peripheral Ring Road (PRR), aimed to decongest Bangalore, would start in mid-October after STUP Consultants, the agency chosen to chalk out the design, submitted the detailed project report, said M.K. Shankaralinge Gowda, Commissioner, Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), here on Saturday.

Questions about MRTS Bangalore

Metro RailTraffic

Hi! My letter to be sent to BMRCL is as follows - please review & advise your comments, thanks.
Pertaining to the Metro & Mono-Rail for Bangalore, I request you to please advise me on the following queries that I have under the RTI Act. comment guidelines

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