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BIAL: The New Airport Is A Reflection Of The Local Culture

Official press release from BIAL on the issues of employment policies and language ...

The new airport is a reflection of the local culture
Creating jobs for the locals and giving a boost to the economy

City locals a part of airport operations

The new airport has made substantial efforts to make sure that it is reflective of the local culture and heritage. From a recruitment point of view, qualifications and expertise being equal, preference has been shown to Kannadigas in the organization. This has resulted in the employment of 53% Kannadigas out of the total employee strength of 473 (as on March 31st 2008). Even more encouraging is the fact that out of the 185 managers, Kannadigas account to 74 (40% of the total managers).

BIAL has also been giving new applicants from Karnataka, and particularly candidates from the neighbourhood of Bengaluru International Airport, the attention they deserve. Since the end of February 2008, BIAL has received around 2000 resumes from Karnataka local and 574 of these resumes have been submitted by candidates claiming to have lost land when the land for the new airport was originally acquired by KIADB. Out of these 574 applicants, 210 have already been recruited at the airport. All the other resumes were further classified into qualification groups and interviewed for positions of relevance

Added attention was paid by BIAL by making sure that the various concessionaires also hired local Kannadiga talent, out of this talent pool provided by BIAL. A copy of all applications received was handed over to the concessionaires for further screening. 80% of the recruits are Kannadigas. Total recruitments made by the Concessionaires are around 2750 employees.

In addition, all signage inside the airport is also in Kannada, English and Hindi. The design of the logo identity as well as the airport name also reflects the essence of the garden city.

Albert Brunner, CEO of BIAL said, “In future the increase in capacity will lead to more recruitments by the concessionaires as well as BIAL.  BIAL will make sure that the preference is given to the Kannadigas as far as possible. Furthermore, ours is possibly one of the few organizations that encourage the non-Kannadiga employees of BIAL to learn the local language by offering language classes.”


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what about other jobs?

There was news that this airport would create 12000 jobs every year for another 2years at least.. what about those many jobs? There's no mention about them! We do find that the security staff and such supporting staff at the premises are already filled up with non-kannadigas. Isnt that under their own control? People to a lot of these jobs are indeed BIAL appointed.


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VIP movements to BIA

I have an uncle who was a protocol incharge for VVIP visits to bangalore..there are many things that are planned well in advance for a visit..

the number of cars in the calvacade

the car that the vip uses (decided last minute)

co-ordination with traffic cops

co-ordination with KEB(so that roads are well lit..btw is the entire stretch to BIA lit?)

and so on..

HAL was 8 kms away from raj bhavan/vidhanasouda.. BIA is more than 30 kms

This change will have a great impact to the road users..the jn's kodigehalli/sahakar ngr/yel town will put to lot of stress as the waiting perions will be more..

There is an urgent need to make the road after hebbal junction free with right exits and entry ramps..and this road need to be barricaded! 

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VIPs....w.r.t them!

there is a sepeare VIP terminal at BIAL (its very small) and so VIPs never have to enter the main building. Even though there is a VIP lane, its not really used for VIPs!! They go past the car park have another temrinal where they check in and go to thier planes...
Narayan Gopalan
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I hope these figures given

I hope these figures given by BIAL is true.

I also suspect this love for local culture didn't arise suddenly, but a dedicated effort of pro Kannada organizations and public pressure has created enough heat for BIAL to take up and speak for this cause. 

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Some news from Hindu - employment figures in BIAL

Some statistics on employment break up at BIAL.


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

Let IT companies follow this as an example

Let us hope IT companies follow this as an example. comment guidelines

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