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BIAL Official Updates January 2008

Official updates for January 2008 The integrated trial phase is on at the Bengaluru International Airport. This stage signals the final trial phase of the airport and involves integrating various processes to simulate real life airport operation. The integrated trial phase will continue till next month. The trials held earlier in the months of January and February included basic and advanced trials. The advanced trials continue and involve testing of combinations of basic processes and stress tests to check capacity of installations, systems and the staff. These trials test the capacity of different sub-processes and eventually show critical areas and possible obstacles. Based on the feedback received, processes are improved and/or fine-tuned. The Airport Readiness Programme (ARP) consists of Core and Complementary Processes that need to be tested. BIAL follows a guideline termed FISH to ensure that each of these processes are addressed and are ready. FISH is defined as follows: Facilities Different facilities required for different processes Information Work orders, manuals, checklists, standard operating procedures, etc Systems Computer systems including hardware and software Human Resources People involved in various processes which also involves trained manpower The six core processes are as follows: Aircraft Guidance: Simulation of the on-ground process begins when an aircraft lands, parks and disembarks. Similarly for a departing aircraft, the process begins from the time the aircraft pushes back till it takes off. Aircraft Handling: All ground handling concessionaires that come into play once an aircraft is parked, simulate and coordinate aircraft handling processes including passenger boarding bridges, refueling, flight catering and movement of ground vehicle services. Passenger Process: The complete passenger flow from check in to boarding is simulated. Mock passengers check-in, pass through security check and depart for the passenger boarding bridges through the departure lounge. Manual passenger check-in, in case of a system failure is also simulated. Baggage Process: The baggage process is simulated right from check in to labeling and passage through the inline X-ray screening system. Both automatic as well as manual screening processes are tested. The reverse process is also tested for arriving baggage where it is transported through the conveyor belt to the baggage carousel in the baggage make-up area. Cargo Process: Cargo loading involves palletization, a process where various types of outgoing cargo are sorted depending on the destinations they are headed to. Cargo unloading involves de-palletization of incoming cargo. These processes are simulated and cargo manifests are prepared which comprise of detailed computerized data of the cargo. Operational Airport Management: This concept is new to Indian airports and ensures smooth and efficient airport operations. The Airport Operation Control Center (AOCC) is the nerve centre of the new airport where representatives of all the various organizations operating at the airport are stationed. This set up encourages and enables automatic sharing of information. For this trial phase, the Flight Display System is simulated, the Location Management System is tested and operational data is validated. The above core processes are supported by the following six complementary processes: Landside Airport Access, Commissioning & Utilities, Safety, Security, Licensing and Relocation from HAL airport.


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Flight trials this week With just less than a month before the scheduled commercial launch, the first flight trials would be conducted at the international airport at Devanahalli near here this week. Chief Executive Officer of Bangalore International Airport Ltd. (BIAL) Albert Brunner told The Hindu that flight trials at the airport would commence this week. He, however, refused to give details about the exact date or the commercial airlines that would participate in the trials. He said: “Everything will be smooth and without any problems before the airport becomes fully operational on March 30.”
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BIAL Inspection

From what I understand it is based on technical evaluations. Certain critical issues like back-up circuitry for runway lighting and ATC equipment(yes ATC equipment) are not ready yet. Though you must remember the first flight has already landed at BIAL.

Airport opening: key decision on March 7

The crucial decision on whether to stick to the deadline of March 30 for commencement of operation of flights from the international airport at Devanahalli will be taken on March 7 when top officials of the Ministry of Civil Aviation inspect the airport.

According to sources in the government, a team led by Civil Aviation Secretary Ashok Chawla will visit the site on March 7 to review the preparedness of the proposed airport to commence operations.

On Friday, a group of officials from the Ministry of Civil Aviation inspected the airport site and reviewed the progress of preparatory works.

As per norms, the new airport has to take licence from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation for commencement of flight operations. The sources said that the DGCA had made 59 observations regarding various issues concerning to the commencement of operation of flights.

One of the main observations included that the work on the second circuit lighting for the runway was yet to be completed.

“The ongoing work is likely to be completed by March 25.”

The sources said that though provisional licence could be given on the basis of single circuit lighting, the second circuit lighting was important to handle emergencies, the sources said.

Air Traffic Control
Regarding steps to establish Air Traffic Control, the sources said all equipment had arrived and the work in this regard was likely to be completed by March 20.

The trumpet interchange connecting the National Highway 7 to the new airport is likely to be ready by March 27, according to the sources.

They said that the Union Civil Aviation Ministry officials were satisfied with the “speed” of the work. But they had decided to wait till March 7 to take a final call on whether to allow the commencement of operation as per the schedule depending upon the actual progress of the work on that day.

Meanwhile, a Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) spokesperson said the meeting at the BIAL project site was organised to update its board members about the project developments and such process were mandated.

Though the inspections by the officials of the Ministry are routine, Friday’s inspection assumed significance as the airport is getting ready for operating calibration flight and conducting public trial scheduled in the first week of March.

As per the present schedule announced by the BIAL, the new airport will be inaugurated on March 28 and the operation of flights will commence from March 30.
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Officials Unhappy?

I was reading Deccan Herald which reported that the union civil aviation ministry team is not so happy about the progress on BIAL?? whats the new mantra? are they stalling the opening of the airport as per schedule? Not sure if this is another political gimmick or its just high drama before any good event.

 Moreover I was reading about how HIAL is competing with BIAL on Mangalorean news. It sounds very discouraging to get such paid articles from different entities...

 Does anybody know if all the other buildings like fire rescue bldg, airport hotel and cargo terminal bldgs are complete in Bangalore? Never saw a pic of it till date..

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ground transport

no information about passenger ground traffic. and no tests for it too. it is difficult to simulate but nevertheless but it should have been tested. comment guidelines

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