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BMIC Updates

According to The Hindu, Governor Rameshwar Thakur convened a high-level meeting on execution of the BMIC project at the Raj Bhavan on Saturday, Dec 15th 2007. Baba Kalyani, chairman of the Kalyani Group of companies, called on the Governor and urged the government to allot land for the project as per the framework agreement as early possible for early completion of the project. According to ToI(Dec 16, 2007), the Governor was keen on knowing obstacles facing the first phase of the project and is reported to have asked to give in writing the land required for completing the peripheral and link roads. ToI also reports that the governor had filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court seeking time to take a re-look at the project.

Image edited from a drawing on ESG's site. Well, the NICE site has no information at all.

BMIC Phase-I Bottlenecks
According to ToI Dec 16,2007 these will be included in NICE’s written reply to the governor.
Peripheral Road 
41 km Between NH-7 & NH-4

Link Road 
9.1 km taking off from SH 17 Kavika, and linking the expressway
Between 8.00 km and 9.00 km near Bannerghatta Road junction (P2)
At 0 to 0.6 km, linking expressway and Mysore Road near Byatarayanapura and Divitigeramanahally village.
Between 15.4 km and 16.0 km near Kanakapura Road junction (P3)
At 1.4 km, BBMP yet to give approval for diversion at ring road and integrating bridge and ramps across Outer Ring Road (ORR). Pending for one-and-a-half years.
Between 23.4 km and 24.2 km near Mysore Road junction (P5)
Between 33.6 km and 33.8 km near Magadi Road junction (P6)
Between 2.6 km and 2.9 km near Hosakerehalli.

At 5.4 km, where alignment in BWSSB water pipeline has to be shifted, for which NICE paid Rs 77 lakh

Between 7.80 km and 8.30 km needed near Hemmigepura village for link road.

Environmental Violations
ESG has been pursuing alleged environmental violations by NICE. Here is an article by Leo Saldhana of ESG in the May 2007 edition of Indian Architect and Builder:  A nice road goes dangerously off-course. ESG website also hosts a bunch of maps on the project

Framework Agreement
There are two agreements: 1) 1997 Original Framework Agreement, signed during JH Patel’s term, and 2) 2002 Agreement signed during SM Krishna’s term. HC & SC want the project to be implemented in letter and in spirit according to the April 1997 Framework Agreement. You can read about this framework mess here.

Meanwhile, Ring Road ge BYPASS, Kheni ge Pheni!!


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PS Note: 30,000 crore

‘Sly note’: NICE gains land worth Rs. 30,000 crore The Karnataka Government on Feb 15th, 2008 disclosed to the Karnataka High Court that manipulation by way of a “note”, reportedly by the then Public Works Department (PWD) Secretary, had resulted in unreasonable concessions to the company implementing the BMIC project. However, no date has been mentioned in the note. The present PWD Secretary, T. Sukumar, in an affidavit before the court, stated that the then PWD Secretary seems to have introduced a note in the government files stating that the amount of land, which would revert to the Government, was only 11,966 acres, instead of 14,255.7 acres. However, the name of the then PWD Secretary has not been mentioned in the affidavit. The affidavit, filed in connection with a contempt of court case, stated that the note enabled Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises Ltd. (NICE), which is implementing the project, to get ownership of an additional 2,289.7 acres. The present market value of the 2,289.7 acres is about Rs. 30,000 crore, according to the affidavit. Mr. Sukumar stated, “Manipulation in the records by means of introduction of the note has resulted in unreasonable concessions being made available to NICE and at the cost of the Government…. This note had vitiated all further actions taken by the Government and its functionaries, and they relied upon this note for their further actions.” “Had the note not been there and had these functionaries been notified or informed about the contents of the Framework Agreement and land acquisition agreement signed in October 1998, the government functionaries would not have permitted the subsequent agreements which resulted in unreasonable concessions to the company,” Mr. Sukumar stated.
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BWSSB Vs NICE: Court Order

Source: Deccan Herald (HC clears hurdle in NICE way), The Hindu(Court directs BWSSB to shift pipelines)

The Karnataka High Court on Jan 24,2008 directed the BWSSB to shift the water and sewage pipelines in four locations across Bangalore city so that NICE could complete the peripheral road which is part of the BMIC.

The court told the Board to ensure commencement of the said works by completing formalities within three weeks, while directing both the Board and NICE to ensure completion of works taken up, within a week thereafter. The court further directed the BWSSB to issue public notices regarding impending disruption in water suppy during the said works and to ensure emergent water supply wherever required, while telling NICE to cooperate. The judge said the Water Board, if it so wanted, could use men and material of NICE to ensure that the work was completed expeditiously and to ensure that there was minimum inconvenience to the residents of Bangalore.

Works details
The court directed the BWSSB to execute shifting and replacing work of pipelines at two locations by itself, and to permit NICE to execute similar works at two other locations.

The court directed the BWSSB to execute the deviations of 1625-mm dia MS Transmission Line of Uttarahall- Kengeri Road near Channasandra, for which NICE had already deposited Rs 77.1 lakh; further, the BWSSB was directed to execute similar shifting of water pipeline at the starting point of Peripheral Road (Hosur Road) connecting the loop road towards Electronic City for which it had received Rs 30-lakh deposit.

The court asked the BWSSB to issue work orders to NICE to execute by itself the shifting of a 600-mm dia water pipeline parallel to the Ring Road near PES College, and for providing an underground drainage on Avalahalli Road near Pantharapalya village, which come in way of Link Road alignment. For these works, BWSSB was said to have agreed and received ETP charges of Rs 2.17 lakhs.

Pulled up
While opposing the petition, BWSSB had contended that it was impossible to execute or permit the said works citing reasons of inconvenience to public alone and suggested that the very alignment of roads could be altered. The court rejected its contention while pulling up the Board for its inconsistent stand. It observed that the same BWSSB Chief Engineer who had inspected and agreed to take up the said works earlier, was now stating before the court that they were impossible.

The court also rapped the Board for dragging on the issue. It observed that BWSSB officers had taken part in joint inspections of work spots in 2001 itself and the Board need not have waited all these years just to inform the company that it is not possible to shift pipelines.

Dismissing the contentions of the water board, Justice Byrareddy said it could not be permitted to rescind an agreement it had entered into with NICE. While the shifting would cause inconvenience to the residents, the work could be completed expeditiously and the board would have to ensure there is surplus water supply prior to the disruption.
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Jan 14 2008
BWSSB defended before the Karnataka High Court its decision not to permit Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise (NICE) to shift water and sewerage lines in four locations in Bangalore, saying that any such move would affect water supply and sanitation in several areas.

The BWSSB, in an affidavit filed in reponse to a petition before the KAHC by NICE against the delay by the board in shifting water and sanitary lines, defended its decision not to permit NICE to shift water and sewerage lines in four locations in Bangalore, saying that any such move would affect water supply and sanitation in several areas.

NICE Said:
It said, on December 27, 2006 it had written to the Chief Engineer (M), BWSSB, stating that water pipelines had to be shifted at four locations in Bangalore to enable it to complete the expressway.

NICE wanted the 1,625 mm diameter MS transmission water line at Uttarahalli-Kengeri Junction at Chennasandra crossing, 600 MM diameter water line at the Interconnection Loop Road towards Electronics City, the 225 mm diameter sanitary pipeline at Panterpalya, parallel to the BDA Road and the 600 mm diameter water supply line near PES College to be shifted and had deposited Rs. 77.10 lakh with the BWSSB towards shifting of these utility lines. It said once the project was completed, the lines would be reconnected. NICE said it had written several times to the BWSSB to permit it to shift the lines to enable it to complete the project.

It said the water board had not taken any action to shift the utilities. It said the shifting of the lines was necessary for it to complete the project.

Opposing the petition, the BWSSB said the water lines could not be shifted as they were essential for providing water to residents of western and northern parts of Bangalore and to several establishments such as the Indian Air Force (IAF) station near Yelahanka, Border Security Force (BSF) headquarters in Yelahanka and the International Airport (BIAL) which is coming up at Devanahalli. It said the 1625 mm diameter water line at Uttarahalli transmitted water to the city and that it ran from Tataguni to Hegganahalli. This, was the main water supply line to areas coming in the west and north of Bangalore and any disruption would cause hardship to the citizens. Similarly, water to residents of Banashankari 3rd Stage was being fed by the 600 mm diameter line and, therefore, this line too could not be shifted.
Other pipelines are in places where road routes are not finalised and NICE has not consulted the Board in this regard, BWSSB has contended.

The board said after it had taken a technical opinion, it had decided not to go ahead with the shifting of the water and sanitary lines. BWSSB also said that it would refund the amount deposited by NICE in this regard.

The court posted the petition to January 21, for final disposal, while giving opportunity to NICE to file its rejoinder statement.

Court's Statements:
Source: TNN
“If they (NICE) are ready to undertake these works in a set time frame with the help of a third party, and without affecting the public, why can’t you allow them to do so,’’ the judge asked BWSSB’s counsel before adjourning the hearing.

Jan 23 2008
The court asked NICE to suggest an alternative mechanism with regard to the temporary shifting of four water pipes to enable early completion of the BMIC project. Justice Anandbyra Reddy will hear NICE’s suggestions on Jan 24 2008. “You (BWSSB) can’t stop this road, which will benefit millions of people in the future and become part of Bangalore’s history,’’ said Justice Reddy after reading BWSSB’s objections, filed by chief engineer T Venkataraju.

BWSSB said there are technical obstacles to undertake the project. The city’s water supply will be cut off if the diversion or shifting of the 1625-mm diameter transmission line is undertaken, said Venkataraju.

“Water supply to western and northern Bangalore will be affected and stoppage will result in inadequate supply of 300 million litres. Re-alignment of the road route or an alternate technology may be considered,’’ added Venkataraju. NICE claimed it has already paid the money, including Rs 77.10 lakh for shifting of the 1625-mm diameter pipe at the Channasandra intersection on Uttarahalli-Kengeri Road. The construction of the overbridge is almost complete, but BWSSB’s decision to suspend work on 0.5-km stretch at the intersection has thrown a spanner in the works.

To be concluded ...

The Hindu ( NICE: BWSSB defends refusal to shift water line )
Deccan Herald (We'll refund NICE fee, says BWSSB)
TNN, epaper

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Nice article, (sponsored by NICE itself?); thanks, Tarleji. I confess to an obsession of reading everything about Nice and Infosys, in spite of some doubts expressed by you in these pages about the lack of transparency of NICE. The promoters of NICE are the Baba Kalyani group of Pune, one of the most respected industrial houses of India, owning the world's second biggest forgings company, Bharat Forge. Also, the chairman of NICE is the highly respected Narayanan Vaghul. For me, that makes NICE one of the nicest companies.
City Zen
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Transformation of Somapura

Ranjani Govind of The Hindu apparently drove through the road and reports that Somapura near the BMIC corridor now has concrete homes, streetlights and roads with underground sewage facilities.

* The cool ride with numerous water bodies, green patches and hilly terrains on either side hardly reminded us of the sticky path that the entire project was on throughout the opening phase.
* ... serpentine walls on either side of the corridor that has been specially designed to be a noise barrier
* Overpasses for crossing, bridges for cattle and culverts for cables are all a part of it.

Basic facilities
The vision just hasn’t ended there. Ashok Kheny has now adopted 143 villages which are close to the NICE corridor to develop them in every way, provide housing and all the connected facilities for villagers to have a comfortable living.

Somapura, about four km interior of the BMIC corridor, is the first village adopted by NICE for improving the physical infrastructure. It has new homes in exchange of land and huts that were given away for the road project.

The inhabitants of the small village now have 23 concrete houses built in various sizes, with 2-3 bedrooms, garden, drinking water flowing in taps, water tank for the layout, electricity, meter box, street lights, cable TV, sewage system, tarred roads, primary health centres, schools, job training centres, community halls, places of worship and the like.

Says Kamalamma, a middle aged resident of the area who lives in her new 3-bedroom home, “When the proposal was put forth by Mr. Kheny, we were reluctant, but had to accept it as we welcomed the alternative arrangements for a living. Today, we are proud owners of this land, feeling so much a part of the whole corridor project. Thatched roof and mud flooring sounds primitive to us now,” she jokes.

Jobs provided
Kamalamma’s is a huge 1,400 sq. ft. house where one could see tiled bathrooms and even a pooja room and a foyer! “One member of each family is provided with a job connected to the corridor work,” she says, her eyes gleaming with pride.

A warehouse for the farmers’ produce and hospitals are what they will soon have from NICE to make their stay more comfortable.

“It took a year for us to complete the houses. Everything was done after holding talks with the owners about their requirements. The plan took off only after they agreed to the design elements in the living room, kitchen and bathroom,” says Manjunath, GM, Public Relations and Liaison, NICE.

Click to read more about it, including about Ashok Kheny's background

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Murali Sir, thanks for the link. as you know the courts have only asked all concerned to stick to the original 1997 framework agreement. now despite that there is some takka-tikki going on. i dont under stand what the states problem with sticking to the 1997 agreement. but instead of pursuing how exactly the 2002 agreement came into being, just when NICE was willing to settle for 1997 agreement- i dont know the exact legal term but at one stage NICE was proposing a settlement when the state's counsel said the real issue missapropriation. that day the court adjourned, the next time the state went berserk with all sort of swiss challenge and GIC nonsense. only devaru(god) not even deve gowda knows what is going on.
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you can read the drum story here. Justice Cyriac Joseph is right everybody beats the BMIC drum nicely. But the problem is that it is NICE that put the BMIC drum right in the middle of the road for everybody to beat. There is no transparency in the project at all. for projects of this scale they should have estimates to the second decimal place. but nobody knows how much land is actually required for the roads and 5 townships. how much was actually sanctioned in the original framework. Why was a new agreement signed? Why is the extra land required? What was the compensation package, what were the terms of clearences. The worst thing is nobody in the media did an authoratative study on it. This has been going on for so long right, why cant NICE comeout with the details? Why is it that ESG is putting the maps and not NICE? whose project is it? NICE website has not been updated in 7.5 years. In one of the reports i read the the framework agreement is confidential. but why really? every person who comes to power aks for the papers. why? the govt does not have that in their records? bangalore is already suffering from > 45,000 acres of encroachment, we can do with some transparency on this one. irrespective what the 'legal' course is i would like to see a third party audit of all the land transactions on this one. this does not mean i am against the project. I really want to see the PRR complete day before yesterday. But no hanky panky at the expense of KA please. Bharat Sagar, about the lakes, if you get a chance can you see if they have something like pipes and canals to let water in and out of the lakes. I saw the maps on ESG cannot make it out from that. But those maps have good amount of info about the road design. pretty cool actually. someday will upload all the intersection and toll booth designs.
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BMIC - IT - economy linkage

Hi tarlesubba Perhaps the blog connected to this link addresses some of the issues involved. Muralidhar Rao
Muralidhar Rao
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Does ESG been paid to malign BMIC.

Dear All pragmatic people, A high court judge recently remarked that BMIC is like drum lying on street which everyone wants to hit. I have carefully seen complete strech of peripheral & link roads of BMIC. First of all it is an engineering feat to build access controlled road in Bangalore with numerous roads criss crossing & bridges for each of them. The lakes all along the road are neatly barricaded & preserved. Please, there are dozens of lakes dying with pollution in Bangalore. The real estate boom has destroyed vegetation beyond repair. Does the ESG have guts to fight the case of these dying lakes and stop building those huge malls & apartments complexes. Think of benefits of such an access controlled road has on environment. The vehicles emissions are drastically reduced instead of choking at traffic junctions. You know why there is less pollution in US/Europe coz of Freeways inspite of huge population of cars. This kind of pseudo environment movements needs to be discouraged. PS: There are vested interests who use the environmentalists as front end to lobby for their cause. Thanks, Bharat Sagar
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Isnt all bad

yes, true ESG is into hitting the BMIC drum, to the extent that they took a physical hit themselves recently! I had poined out your points about other lakes drained out in the name of progress in bangalore and asked for a response from Leo Saldanah. But what came was a more generic response.. "ESG has systematically addressed a variety of issues of concerns regarding Bangalore, and NICE project violations are one of many. In the particular case of NICE, the Peripheral Road is not completed because NICE is interested in acquring land in excess of what is required for the project, and in violation of Supreme Court directives and GOs. For all the claims that AShok Kheny has made about having won 300 odd cases, the fact is quite simple: the Court's have summarily directed him to build the road only per the original alignment and Framework AGreement. Instead he has taken the road where is pleases, and in the process destroying thousands of households, forests and lakes. I am sure you would have objected to this if you were directly affected in such manne" So it is evident that the ESG's concerns will be taken care of in any further progress on NICE... Need to mention that they(ESG) also do a lot of other good work!
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Weekend Suggestion ..

Nice to read something nice about a get-away from Bangalore. May I please publish this in my company's staff forum for the benefit of our Bikers' Club, mentioning your name as well as Praja's? Thanks
City Zen
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more get-aways

Sure Sir, I would say my above entry is pretty crude but can be used! It need not have my name..but check if we can get some from your co onto praja.. I have many routes like this for going around bangalore..sholay hills(ramnagara)..manchanbele..savandurga..
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weekend suggestion..

- Take the 'trek' bike out and mount them at the back of your car - Drive onto the freeway from the toll booths - Enjoy the drive having the car on 'cruise' mode - get off the freeway and get to road leading to the hills - and have a fun day! No, this aint America or the Germany..its here in Bangalore! -'Trek' bikes are available at a store in Jayanagar, 'Thule' mounts are also available here, use them to mount the bike.. -If in JP nagar or anywhere else, get onto the nice road and put your car on 'cruise' (the new scorpio has cruise mode) -Drive to tumkur road and get off at dobbspet and get to Devarayandurga -Work all the gears on the bike to hear your heart pounding in your ears, while enjoying the nature.. -Eat puliyogare at the temple and dirve back home with nice memories! Meanwhile, the bus comming from channrayapattana reaches Majestic on time because there is less traffic on the tumkur road near peenya!
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unpardonable chaos creation

text of the letter sent to The New Indian Express on 16th March, '07:

I refer to the report in your City Express columns on the 12th instant under the caption 'Why the perpetual chaos on Hosur road?'.

Now, the fact of the matter is that there already exists the near world-class BMIC expressway covering the entire segment between Hosur road and Tumkur road, with only a few small stretches remaining to be connected. And, if this is done, the chaos not only on Hosur road, but along the entire segment, will get sorted out automatically.

But, the government will not allow it inspite of the Supreme Court ordering it to do so repeatedly. Each time the court passes an order, the government comes up with some new obstacle or the other, because the connected ruling politicians feel that they have not got their entire pound of flesh. And, then they come up with the extremely costly and totally disastrous solutions like the elevated highway, which, for all the added disruptions caused, may one day end up like the Richmond road fly-over.

A government that exists only to perpetuate the vested interests of its inner few, and is oblivious to the miseries it adds to the lives of the common man, in this process, is best got ridden of fast.

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