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A Peek Into The CTTP

A sneak peek into the CTTP - 44K Crores, 650 new kms of public transport, 73% of the population targetted. 265kms of BRT, 88km of metro, 204 kms CRS, 60 kms mono. 17 years time line. 2025.

A host of corridors for doubling the length of Metro Rail, mono rail, commuter rail, bus rapid transport and a slew of new roads, realignment of ring roads and parking bays. Bangalore, already coping with traffic chaos, needs to put in place a comprehensive circuit of projects to see it through till 2025.

All this will come with an investment of Rs 44,029 crore. According to a comprehensive traffic and transport plan conducted by RITES is ready with its report will be submitted to the governor on Saturday.

By 2025, the city’s vehicular population will be 1.2 crore and commuting can be normal only if an integrated multimodal mass transport system is in place. This system will add 650 km of additional lines of mass transport and perhaps encourage 73% of people to use public transport. The city’s four corridors will have to be spruced up. These are:
1) metro rail corridors of 88.2 km,
2) monorail/LRT corridors of 60 km,
3) commuter rail corridor of 204 km and
4) bus rapid transit corridors of 265.5 km.

The corridors should be in place in two phases over 17 years. While Phase I will incur an expenditure of Rs 25.872 crore from 2007 to 2012, Phase II will need Rs 17,017 crore till 2025.

In the metro corridor, in addition to the existing alignment, 88 km have been added — extension of north-south corridor from RV terminal up to PRR; Byappanahalli to Benniganahalli along Old Madras Road, Yelahanka to PRR via Nagavara, Electronic City; Indiranagar metro station to Whitefield via 100 Feet Road.

For the monorail corridor with a length of 60 kms, the suggested routes are: Hebbal to JP Nagar via Bannerghatta Road along the western portion of ring road; Kathriguppe Road to National College; Hosur Road-Bannerghatta Road to PRR.

The report has mooted commuter rail corridors running up to 204 km. This means putting to use the existing railway line for local transportation with the introduction of local trains.

The bus rapid transport (BRT) corridor means a dedicated bus lane cutting across the main areas of the city. For road development, a Rs 8,000-crore comprehensive plan has been outlined. Apart from PRR, core ring road and expressway to airport, new roads and missing links, road widening, grade separators, realignment of outer ring road, parking facilities and integrated freight complexes have been suggested.

New Roads Rs 5522 cr (208 km)
ORR Realignment Rs.191 cr (13.6 km)
ORR Improvements Rs. 571 cr (169 km)
Grade Separators Rs 690 cr (29 km)
RUB/ROBs Rs. 246 cr (9 km)
Pavement/skywalks Rs 214 cr. (418 km)

Source ToI epaper Oct 27,2007


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that is right, narayan. apparently, P. Sainath once asked the then editor of ToI, how do you know what your readers want. They have still not learnt that lesson. They keep pushing masala because they think that is what people want.
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Updates by ToI

Most of the news reported by ToI is always like that.. partially correct and half information. They try to add some masala into the news and it turns up like this. Let's wait and see what's there in the actual report.
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I think somebody did a rough quick sketch, cannot trust that image too much. in anycase most of these reports should only be taken as references of things that happenned cannot trust them too much, i added up the numbers, the roads works listed in the report only add upto to 7.4k crore while the report says 8k crore. have to wait till we get some more details and then figure out the map. but with the new BSY and HDK drama today i guess it was not presented today. prolly have to wait somemore. thanks for the update.
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TOI Report has errors

My "CTTP" - Ha ha ! The TOI report & map appear to have numerous errors : >BRTS route is shown all around PRR - maybe this is also recommended, but what about eastern part of ORR (Hebbal to Silkboard Jn via KR Puram) ? This is not shown. >The EW Metro route is marked only till Indiranagar 100 ft road, whereas they say it will be till Benniganahalli to touch ORR (beyond Byappanahalli). >The statement "The bus rapid transport (BRT) corridor means a dedicated bus lane cutting across the main areas of the city" appears incorrect as BRTS is not planned cutting thro' the city, but on ORR. >The NS Metro route is marked till RV Rd Terminal in 1st phase, but BMRC has already extended it to Banashankari. >The description for corridors ("Yelahanka to PRR via Nagavara, Electronic City" ???) appears mixed up. The recommended Metro corridors are disappointing since there is'nt sufficient coverage within CBDs. Thus, executives, buisnessmen & shoppers who live within city (& who own most of the cars) may not find it convenient as they will need to use road transport within CBDs. Thus, increasing nos. of cars will remain on the roads & congestion will continue. Suburban users who commute to town from outside for various jobs may find it attractive, though. By the way, I had received a letter from BMRC to pay Rs.10/- to take up the letter under RTI, which I paid about a week ago. Let's hope they respond further, & see what they come up with.
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for comparison: Naveen's "CTTP" :) PS#1: ToIs image sucks. buts thats ok we get the idea. PS#2: What about BIAL,Devanahalli, the associated growth and development by 2025, its million ton gorilla HTGT problem? What about Bidadi? PS#3: What do think about the plans for "Bangalore" itself? comment guidelines

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