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Pune - Cycle Track

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I have clicked a few snaps on Pune -Satara road between KK market signal and Big Bazzar on 11 Nov 2008 (9.00 - 9.30 AM). The entire stretch on both sides of the BRT is almost complete. Though I have taken snaps on the way to swargate the situation is more or less the same on either sides of cycle track. Instead of inaugarating the entire stretch of cycle track, cant it be opened to cyclist in a phased manner? Build - Open - Implement Strict Rules (Boir) model should be adapted for the cycle track.

Looking at the history and implementation of infrastructure by PMC, I think everyone is aware and there is no need to explain further.

Following is the real picture of the cycle track KK Market - Entry and exit to and from cycle track is a big question mark? Deccan Honda - Construction material for footpaths lying on cycle track. Usually after 10 am one can see 10-20 honda cars parked on the cycle track. Hemi Steel - Bricks lying on cycle track Saurabh Hotel - Cars and bikes parked on cycle track and footpath Walvekar Lawns - Construction material lying on cycle track Big Bazzar - PUC car and a cab parked on footpath The entire stretch on both sides is not well illuminated, so it is difficult to use it in the evening time. These are my observations and comments. Let me know if you need more information or how can I help you.


--Amey Naware +91 98909 23380


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Where are the pictures

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Flagship BRT, finally the cycle tracks are there and as you say if they are encroached up on then a lot of hue and cry needs to be made.

Will like to see the pictures.

Have you sent the images to Commissioner Pardeshi? If not do so, hopefully he will act.

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Same here, like to see the pics

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You can share pictures here via flickr. Upload your pics on flickr first. Then, in your comment or post, add this line to show a pic from flickr:


Replace that number with the id of the your flickr photo. You can get this id from the URL of your flickr photo, just look for a long number towards the end of the flickr photo URL.

Worst case, mail your pics or flickr id to admin[at], it'd be done on your behalf.

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Same here too, Wud like to see Pune's Cycle Tracks

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I would like to see Pune BRT & Cycle Track Pictures, too.
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Pune Cycle Track - Images

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Many thanks for sharing the pics with me. Praja will benefit from a snapshot of your collection, hope you don't mind me posting them. Other cities can gain from Pune's experience.


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Cycles are for losers :)

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Dr ASJ, In our status conscious society where a car is the ultimate symbol of upward mobility, cycles are for losers. (I have seen in my apartment how car drivers when heading out of the gates will honk at a pedestrian to " get out of my way" rather than give them way)

So, BBMP never has any dearth of money to fund useless underpasses and flyovers, but seems to have no money for pavements or for pedestrian underpasses or bridges. Now I know you are no fan of pedestrian subways or foot overbridges, but I am willing to live with bread if I can't get cake.

Car owners are winners in the status game and are hence their time is more important than the losers' who go in BMTC or on cycles.

Are you surprised at the photographs given this attitude? Srivathsa

Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Cycle Tracks - At least a Start

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The cycle tracks /pedestrian walkways look unimpressive - it appears that they are still under construction. Unless private vehicles are kept out with an iron fist, things will not work.

Delhi has built very good facilities along the BRT corridors. Atleast, a start has been made - it will take many years, if not decades to recognize that these are more important than cars for our populace.
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Coming up to 2 years

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Its coming up to 2 years since they flagged off and cut the first ribbons in Pune.

15 kilometers of BRT, and 2 years later this is the state of affairs.

Pune civic body needs to be given a medal for their tardiness.


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Cycle Track real picture after 15 days

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Comparison of Real picture of cycle track I have clicked a few snaps on Pune -Satara road between KK market signal and Big Bazzar on 26 Nov 2008 (9.15 - 9.40 AM).

As promised in my previous mail, here is the comparison after 15 days on the same stretch. This time I have taken pictures on both sides i.e. while going home after 8 pm.

# # : On 11 Nov, Construction material lying on cycle track, and today’s picture is shown in adjacent column. The cycle track has been cleared almost 60%, but immediately occupied by Tempo unions, Furniture stalls, Car showrooms etc.

Thanks to PMC for clearing construction material from cycle track and making it more usable.

Thanks to PMC for construction of entry and exit from cycle track on stretch b/w Padmavati to city pride on both sides.

What are the steps PMC is taking for no parking, putting up notice, creating awareness about cycle track?

Following is the real picture of the cycle track as on 26 Nov 2008

The comparison document and pictures are mailed to Dr. Adhiraj Joglekar

Amey Naware, Pune 

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Comparative pictures

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Thanks to persistent efforts by Amey, Pune may save its cycle tracks.

You can have a look at the images via this PDF.

PMC has acted (to an extent), thanks to response from the Commissioner but what do these pictures say of Pune citizens?

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