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Leaving traffic n transportation, civic issue at Bengaluru that I care about most is:

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Power shortage
15% (4 votes)
Inadequate water supply
11% (3 votes)
Cost of housing
15% (4 votes)
Safety and Security
15% (4 votes)
Hygiene and pollution
44% (12 votes)
Total votes: 27


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I thought

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I thought cost of housing will win. But not many have voted, so no conclusions.
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cost of housing worry no more

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The way people are predicting real estate prices for 2009, cost of housing may not be the topmost concern for many.

Readers of this site, mostly tech savvy, all with access to internet are likely to be leading lives where they are shielded from problems like quality of water supply (acquaguard, storage space) and electricity (UPS, generators). Nothing can shield folks from congestion, dust and pollution because you can't go around wrapping yourselves in shells :). But yes, too few votes to draw any conclusions

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Everything is Important

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In given options, one can not ignore one and concentrate on one. But Hygeine & Pollution are more important as they are related to our health & Atmosphere. One can survive in small room but can't in polluted air and unhygenic food. If u r a marketing professional and roam in city, u can easily notice the level of pollution bangalore has. After riding a kilometer or two, if u wipe your face with a white cloth, it will become black due to carbon accumilation on your face. I experienced it , comment guidelines

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