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roti, kapada ya paani; Sonia, Mayawati ya Advani

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17 Apr 2009 19:30
17 Apr 2009 22:00

A debate on the above theme is being held at KYRA at the junction of 100 feet road and 17th main Indiranagar, on Friday, 17th April, at 7.30 pm. The panelists include Prof Rajeev Gowda, V Ravichandar, Harish Bijoor, & Capt Gopinath (to be confirmed)

1. The relevance of Independents in 09. Are they wannabe power hungry types up for sale or deluded do-gooders who have no role to play in the Westminster model?
2. Nandan Nilekani talks about how he was dismissed by an unnamed politician as "neither good for votes or notes." Is this view realistic? Are politicians intrinsically corrupt or do we need a political funding system?
3. CEO's and managers face annual reviews, why not politicians? How do we go about creating a system of accountability? Can we recall an "inefficient" MP?
4. Solutions for a dynamic, ongoing democratic process other than the strident, sometimes hysterical medium of 24/7 TV whereby public spirited citizens can make a difference in improving the quality of our day to day lives?
5. You deserve the government you elect, or sometimes, don't even bother electing. Is the fundamental hypocrisy of "people like us" the root cause of the decay in our system?

- Each panelist will have 2 minutes to make his views known and 1 minute for rebuttal.
- 3 Questions from the audience per topic either addressed specifically to individual panelists or thrown open to "bidders."
- Fowler's Language please, no foul language.
- No guns allowed, this is not the USA.

Entry is free. Refreshments will be available on subsidised basis. F&B for panelists is on the house.

Ajit Saldanha, Moderator


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I should try and attend

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 This looks interesting. I will try and attend.


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Good things happen slowly... have patience.. will win

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There is lava of educated, non-corrupt and well meaning youngsters with unlimited energy waiting to erupt to cure the  ailing system.

Indian democracy is afflicted with  AIDS (Alarmingly Infected Democratic System) and has started decaying the system due to compromise, corruption, complacency on the part of policy makers, double standards, etc.

How I wish this had happened a decade ago? We could have become a nation with super power with all good things happening for all sections of the society, education, health, infrastructre, etc. It is never too late and better late than never.

Have a little patience, you are the future, slowly let the old men of honor disappear as early as possible, then you can step in and show "YES, WE CAN".  Declare permanent holiday for corruption, nepotism, hypocracy, communal double standards, have clear cut international peace policies, have appreciable climate change policies to show to the world that India is not a nation of mediocracy because those who are trying to impose control over carbon footprints on developing nations, are only preaching but are not practising.

All the best... we love youngsters with beauty, brain and brawn.  YOU ARE THE FUTURE and the FUTURE WORLD IS YOURS.  Handle with care. But please, please, be moderate, modest and models for the future generations. Ensure for posterity and for the sake of your children and grand children, a society to live in, bereft of communal feelings, hate syndromes but we have a society that spread the love of live and let live attitudes, secular, safe, system oriented democracy.

How I wish I was at Bangalore.

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