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Traffic Police Day

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17 Jan 2009
17 Jan 2009


You know that………Bangalore is a rapidly exploding city in terms of traffic.

You may know that………More than 33 lakh vehicles are plying on the roads and an additional 1000 new registrations are done every day.

You may know that………Managing traffic has become a challenge for the 2000 strong force of traffic constables and officers.

But did you know that……

On an average a policeman stands on duty for over 12 hours? Sometimes more than that. Can you imagine how difficult it is to stand in one spot for such long periods of time? And that too in such stressful conditions – heat, dust, rain, pollution, rude shouting people, blaring horns. And all this for a meagre salary. It is a wonder they are all sane.

Despite several constraints, the Traffic Police, manage traffic to the best of their ability, yet are unsung heroes. But worse, they even become target of public ire and criticism.

Traffic Police Day is being organized on Saturday, January 17th 2009 in Bangalore city. This event, initiated by Children's Movement for Civic Awareness, is to celebrate the untiring efforts of the Traffic Police to maintain order and ensure public safety amid the gigantic traffic compounded by the atrocious road sense of road users.

You can be a part of this event in various ways.

  • Inviting a traffic constable to your office and thanking him
  • From your organisation, arrange for thank you cards to constables in your area.
  • Showing a thumbs up sign to any constable you see
  • Personally thanking any traffic police that you come across on that day!!

Besides, we have great pleasure in inviting you to join us on Saturday the 17th at the office of the additional commissioner – traffic, for the inaugural function.

Time: 11am; Venue: above Shivaji nagar bus-stand, Bangalore

Children's Movement for Civic Awareness
No. 346, 3rd Cross, 8th 'A' Main, 4th block, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560 034
Ph: 25538584 / 65834322
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