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Nice to see a budding regulator evolving in public transport space

DIMTS is evolving as a TRAI like body to regulate public transport in Delhi. Details at Bus System Refroms in Delhi ( and BRT Lessons Learnt ( Hoping Namma Bengaluru will soon adopt the best practices and implement  a Public Transport Regulator.

Some excerpts which suits any large cities follows

A fast growing population, urban sprawl, one of the largest road networks in India

(2,103 km/100km sq), and the third highest per capita income level in India, have translated into

high levels of demand for motor vehicles. Rising appetites for personal mobility are buttressed

by the association of car ownership with high social status. In 2008, there were 5.5 million

vehicles in Delhi, the largest number in any world city. Nearly 1,000 more are added on a daily

basis. Delhi is likely to be a lucrative vehicle market for years to come as ownership levels are

still comparatively low - 85 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants, while the figure is 760 vehicles per

1,000 inhabitants in the UK. Neither is road congestion as severe yet, as in developed cities of

the world, making it harder to introduce policies that restrain car use and encourage bus



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