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Seminar on "Decongesting Bangalore - Innovative Solutions for a Cleaner Greener Bangalore"

This was an info posted on bngcore. Forwarding it to praja because folks here might be interested to attend. I've created an event on the praja calendar. You can find the synopsis of the seminar as part of the event description. Here's the URL

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another self-appointed expert's view

Is Mr Menon all of that, or are there other 'prominent experts' who are yet to confirm participation?

As far as this 'self-appointed expert' is concerned, a solution has already been proposed. It may be accessed at

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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It is a seminar lecture organized by CISTUP

 Murali sir,

Mr. Vivek Menon the speaker is an advisor to BMLTA, a member of BCCF and involved in Houston Metropolitan Initiative, according to his bio data. It is the normal practice of any academic institution to organize seminars by prominent speakers. Though academic these lectures are food for thought. To succeed in ones objectives of course, it takes more than theoretical expertise in the subject.

I feel CISTUP is one of the good initiatives taken by current government headed by BSY

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