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Roads in Nagarbhavi layout

Nagarbhavi layout is an old BDA layout. Except few blocks almost all blocks have large population. After forming the Nagarbhavi layout it seems this area is completly neglected by BDA and now by BBMP. Roads are in very bad shape. Recently only few main roads are tarred. It is very difficult to use vehicles on this roads. Because of this autorikshaws do not come inside this layout and hence aged people and children need to walk more than a KM from main roads to their homes. Even though this layout is fully occupied no one has shown interest to improve these roads.

It is time to improve roads in Nagarbhavi layout and ppl are waiting for this.

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elections is the best time to ask and get roads

find out if the BBMP works for the Nagarbhavi layout also included the small roads

Hopefully even the roads you mention will get the elections bonanza if no Lok Sbaha then at least BBMP

Even the village areas are getting broad roads 60 ft & more sometimes whether such huge roads are needed or not

In fact the BBMP beleives the only way to urbanise is tyhrough borader roads in Villages but the unwanted consequesnce of the same will be rampant commercialisation, jump in land prices and maybe ultimately more property taxes 

Soon Bangalore is likely to be mostly unaffordable for the middle class as well due to this huge increase in spending on the roads's picture

road widening at nagarbhavi

Hi Any body can tell me if there is plan for raod widening at Nagarbhavi main Road.  Especially the road between the Nagarbhavi main Road and Malagala


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Nagarbhavi Road updates

Recently BBMP has started tarring the roads in Nagarbhavi. Already most of the roads are tarred. Now layout looks nice. comment guidelines

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