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Integrated public transport network for VHOV

Post for thoughts on building integrated public transport network from the ground up for VHOV (Very High Occupancy Vehicles).

I have read a number of threads on praja on topics such as decongesting the city roads, improving BMTC service, providing stratified services on BMTC, about the lack of ridership on HOHOs, about encouraging cycling, developing a sustainable transport mechanism/methodology etc., whether light rail is better or monorail for our transportation needs.  I have collected links to a few of these threads (not a comprehensive list by any means) where these topics have been beaten to death but ultimately on the field a drastic change for the better doesn't seem to be happening inspite of some of the best efforts of fellow praja members doing active legwork by interacting with BMTC and other public officials; plus some members coming out with great ideas in the various threads as well.

I think simply put the solution boils down to development of a integrated public transportation infrastructure from the ground up and a complete rethink in urban planning. What is needed is -

- a metro network (that is already being built)

- the above network meshed with a Bus Rapid Transit system running on a tree lined freeway system (dedicated to public transport buses) connected to hub terminals & bus stands that are easily accessible by cycling paths

- a rethink in layout development where each layout should be spread out around a central public transport hub with multiple such hubs being linked via the dedicated public transport freeway system.

Any ideas & analysis on design and implementation of such an integrated solution would be great so let's discuss it on this thread. I do not see why we cannot have the best of both worlds...a rail system like UK meshed with a BRTS system like TransMilenio of Bogota, Columbia (of course along with it's infrastructure of cycling).

I hope 2 of my earlier posts on praja (links listed below) help to spur an interesting analysis and discussion on this thread's topic, here are the links to 2 of my earlier posts  -

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A Feeder BRT Plan had already been Presented

A BRT feeder network for Metro had already been prepared based on available road infrastructure & presented to BBMP (click link below), but they have not taken it up, presumably due to difficulties & agitation about BRT in Delhi.

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GoK and IISc have just set

GoK and IISc have just set up a sustainability centre called CiSTUP. thats the good news. the bad news is they have no plans to tackle bangalore's transport problems yet. but since civil society should be part of any sustainable transport initiative, i feel interested  praja members should initaite an dialogue with them and see if we can start even a limited action plan for bangalore.

read the report on|GIY=&SectionID=Qz/kHVp9tEs=&MainSectionID=wIcBMLGbUJI=&SectionName=zkvyRoWGpmWSxZV2TGM5XQ==&SEO=

lightness of being
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You missed these links!

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Why no post from tech savvy BMTC..after all these posts..?

All these posts clearly indicate one thing - citizens are really concerned and are expressing from the grassroots level their angst about how long they should keep tolerating this basic minimum travel facility.  All Prajegalu are trying their best to suggest ways and means but...

What is conspicuously absent is ... NOT A SINGLE POST FROM BMTC...Why?  They are also tech savvy people, are also aware of, also know the problems and the suggested solutions... OR ARE THEY NOT ANSWERABLE TO PRAJA ?

Please step in up to these valuable posts and help us with ground up solutions to travel with minimum possible fast mode (albeit traffic chaos) of travelling to our work places and back home safely.  We do not want hi level comforts. Our needs are truly and fairly need based. 

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BMTC is just one component

In my opinion BMTC is just one minisicule component in the larger equation. They are just one service provider who are equally affected by the dismal infrstructure. Agreed that they could to a better job and agreed that they should be posting here. But what is missing is a concrete, well planned, well executed synchrounous action from an Urban Planning and Infrastructure task force; they are the ones in fact who should perhaps be posting here and most defintely BMTC and other service providers should be a component of this. 

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You are right and what about ABIDe / BTRAC....

These are much publicised outsourced (?) bodies created by the government (of course after the informal burial of BATF).  Are they not concerned with any of the valuable suggestions that are flowing through these interactive posts?  

If we could get some details of their whereabouts and whatabouts, we can keep posting CC of each and every of these posts to those honourable members at the helm of affairs.  At least, then they may oblige us with some relevant answers.

While the discussions can go on, we need to activiate, side by side, the authorities to the concerns being expressed.  Otherwise, these posts will continue to grow and nothing worthwhile may come through.

Welcome ABIDe / BTRAC /Dept of Urban Planning. We want to help you.

-Vasanthkumar Mysoremath 

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A BRT Manual

Please find this document of BRT manual along with comparison of various BRTs.


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BRT Manual

Very good find Vasanth... to BBMP/BMTC/ABIDe etc etc look no further for gyan. comment guidelines

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