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Buses for people or vegetables?

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Buses have so far been made of chassis meant to transport potaoes and veggies. So we have been witness to one of the biggest mass deceptions of all time. And now only those who can afford to pay for premuim, disaggregated services can get the benefit of these low-floor a/c buses which are in India the few bus designs meant for the use of people.

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Please avoid such posts

We are not deleting this post, but wish to mark it out as an example of type that we don't want here on Praja.

  • The post is not local, its generic in nature
  • Its ideological in nature, even there, this very short ideological post borders on being a pure rant
  • Its a "Complaint", definitely not "Analysis", because there are no telling facts or stats.

We have set this site up to discuss local, urban civic issues in insightful, local or analytical manners.

Now, In the true Praja spirit, instead of criticizing this post, let us suggest few ways in which this post could have been presented better

  • Describe the specifics of buses that transport "potatoes" and "vegetables". you could have complained about dated dependent suspensions (Ex: Transverse Leaf Springs), and suggested that independent suspensions (Ex: McPherson-Strut) are better, and X Y Z models of buses from Tata, AL, Eicher, Volvo or AMW use such and such type of suspension in India
  • May be, post sample pictures, or videos that will show the poor quality of ride you get in the cities.
  • May be, suggest a way for BMTC or BEST to buy good suspension buses and yet offer them to the masses and not just position them for high end services. Some maths and stats on bus operations would be so nice
  • Perhaps, supply examples of other cities that operate comfortable buses at mass-affordable prices. We are sure there are plenty around the world.

One can certainly think more on above lines, but we hope that we conveyed the point. We don't want this place to be like Rediff boards, so full of obvious rants and cribs that we hate to venture there. We want this place to attract those who are a either optimists in life, or have enough positive and constructive energy to either at least discuss things meaningfully, or, may be (not many take this next step, but that's okay) physically take the complaints and feedback to people or authorities who can act upon them.

Dear Public Agenda. we didn't mean to single you out, but its important to make examples once in a while to remind us what this site wants to promote.

Yep, there probably are more such posts hanging around that border on being pure ideological or non-local rants. We try and clean up as much as we can. And we (admins, moderators) don't use our personal biases for any ideologies or stands in managing this site. Please refer to site usage guidelines to know more.

cheers and thank you and everyone else here for the great support so far!

Praja Admins

PS: Comments will be closed on this post. comment guidelines

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