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Using Vayu Vajra (BIAS) buses for non-airport commute.

Last week a friend of mine told me that he was using the BIAS buses to commute from Hebbal to Kormangala, I was delighted to know that the BMTC has finally realized the potential and are allowing non-airport bound passengers to use the vayu vajra buses.

Today, I tried it myself and am very happy that this is the best service so far for my office commute. I live in Kempapra, hebbal. So, I had to get to the Hebbal bus stop and the bus I took was BIAS-12 which goes to JP Nagar via corporation circle, I got down at Mallya hospital, and my office is just a 5 minute walk from there.

I had a chat with the conductor of the bus and asked him if they pick up passengers on the way to the Airport aswell. He said yes, till Hebbal we have concession fares.

I would be more happy if one the way back from Airport, the rules are more relaxed, because all the airport passengers that they get will be from the Airport. So they can pick passengers from yelhanka, kodigehalli etc aswell if there is sufficient space in the bus.

This serves my purpose much better than the Bellary Road Big-10, which goes to Shivaji Nagar.


Air Train of New York is profitable

The AirTrain of New York City is  profitable only because it combines both airport and non-airport commutes.

I hope BMTC improves their BIAS by upgrading depots. One can have a/c waiting rooms in Depots with GPS fitted in buses to indicate when a next bus to the airport is arriving.

For example, i usually find it difficult to get a bus from Malleswaram to BIA, but the reverse is not true. I can easily get a bus from BIA to Malleswaram since a lot of buses go through Margosa Road in Malleswaram.

So IMO, the solution would be to fit a GPS system in every BIAS bus and open a/c waiting rooms in BMTC depots - for example, in the one in Malleswaram 18th Cross. There could be a display system in the waiting room which could display when the next bus is due to arrive towards BIA.

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Even i have used BIAS-6 for

Even i have used BIAS-6 for my office commute occasionally  for the past 3-4 months, when they opened it for non-airport commute also... except they didn't publicise it to the extent required..... Its serves me perfecty....From jayamahal to Kodi.  They drop me at the door step of my office....They are mostly on time,with a frequency of 1 hour. But not many people know about the non-airport commute available....

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This is a good move

This is a good move.  But most of the BIAS buses ply on the right side of the road and generally not in a position to stop at bus stops

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Is Gold Pass accepted in Vayu Vajra

Does anyone know if Gold Day pass or Gold monthly pass ( are accepted in Vayu Vajra for non BIAS commute (within city till hebbal).

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Great news

  I discussed the very same thing with my colleage we both came to the conclusion that the BIAS service can be offered toll hebbal flyover at a concessional rate for non-airport passengers. Well I stay in sanjaynagar and I can definitely use it. I hope BMTC is more proactive in publicising the news.

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Better than Big 10

 This only confirms that big 10 buses have to run across the city and not terminate that the CBD. The issue of workload to drivers/conductors can be resolved by changing the pairs for buses mid way if needed. comment guidelines

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