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Productive usage of traffic policeman resource

I would suggest to use the traffic policeman in a productive way by reducing the task allotted to them for catching every common man for vehicle documents. There is lot of technology improved why shouldn't the technology flow to the traffic police department. Instead of traffic police men standing in every corner for checking the vehicle documents they can introduce computerized procedure for all common man to register their documents and provide validity alerts to upload the updated vehicle document in a website. Or even government officials can upload the same for the common man. In this way all the documents will be on web for each person and also it won't be necessary to carry all the document all the way to his destination. This will help a lot even for people to travel without stopping in every corner also this will help to utilize the same policeman resource for some other purpose instead of wasting his time in collecting the money and checking each documents. Hope this idea would be helpful for everyone.

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website idea not good, but the point stands

Perhaps the website based way wont work for majority of Bangalore residents, but the spirit of your suggestion is very valid.

Traffic policement perched under the shadow of a nice tree, stopping vehicles at will, and doing the definitely useful but not that productive job of hounding vehicle owners for papers does not look so efficient. I call this the "stand and deliver" phenomena. Traffic moves, and to enforce the flow, you have to mingle, or do things towards controlling the flow. If checking vehicle documents is indeed a very important procedure, let there be a separate set of policemen to do the job. What is "traffic" about it?

I am more than eager to know about the steps they take to make their operations more efficient. I bet Mr Sood and team will be doing things to increase their efficiency. I bet there will be good rationale behind wastefully dedicating so many manhours to paper checking. But I would want to know howw the traffic police men/women prioratize the tassk they are assigned for a day or a month.

  • Do they have "targets"?
  • Are the targets given on per day, or per month basis?
  • Is the target just a blanket number of "violation tickets", or is it a mandatory mix of type of violations, or type of vehicles?
  • Does the traffic police publish a break up of traffic violations they issue each month? Can such data be made available per police station on per month basis?
  • Does the traffic police have a way of measuring the "effect" of their enforcement efforts?
  • How do they track if a given police station or zone is doing a good or bad job of traffic enforcement? Do they even do any performance tracking internally?

I bet our traffic police commissioner will have good answers to many of above questions, but we jut don't know. The police and public are just not connected, and that is where the issue is. comment guidelines

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