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Infosys to observe Bus Day tomorrow

 Infosys to have no car day tomorrow (March 13th)

IT companies should lead by example

How i wish all IT companies in Bangalore would lead by example to cap and reduce the number of cars their employees bring to their offices everyday! 
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Seems to have been successful

Saw this report on TOI.

As per TOI, 85 % of the 22000 working at E-City went by bus including senior management.  Not a bad effort at all. 

"The company is also looking into the possibility of making this a monthly feature and if it picks up, a weekly affair. For those who had to come to work in cars, saplings were distributed. They were asked to nurture the sapling and help reduce carbon footprint, she added. "

I also heard from reliable sources that Infy has virtually made the use of the Vayu Vajra service mandatory by reducing the taxi limit for employees flying out of Bangalore.

If each company made this a weekly affair and staggered the Bus-Day, the traffic would certainly improve. 

Murali-sir - you might want to start a E-City charter service! :)


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Wrong bus hiring policy

I believe the policy of hiring buses by Infosys is wrong. I agree that this encourages employees  to use buses, but because of their hiring other people dont have enough buses. The drivers are only interested in running for Infosys, and they prolong it as much as possible. The employees can travel in comfort, relative, but the other passengers dont even have place to stand. I hope they request BMTC to make sure others have enough buses find the details and analyse!! I think they better switch to private operators. comment guidelines

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