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BMTC website needs to be kept current

Today I was trying to get some information regarding BIG-10 buses and visited BMTC website. First of all, the BIG-10 information in the site is not updated. I live in Jaraganahalli on Kanakapura Main Road and I notice that there is a BIG-10 bus plying on this route. I wanted to know its route map, stops and frequency. None of this information is available on the website. Now, if somebody complains that people don't use public transport, then it is the transport corporation that needs to do some introspection.

After that I visited the links, "Route Information system with map" and "Route Information system without map". Both these links are broken and take us nowhere.

Hope these will get corrected soon.

I am very much interested in trying out BIG-10 bus service. I want to travel from Jaraganahalli/Yalachenahalli on Kanakapura Main Road to Richmond Town and back.

So, can somebody please let me know if there is any bus for this route and its timings?

Warm Regards,

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Can we offer help??

Praja has enough 'techie' users to maintain a website. Also, considering that much of the content on BMTC website will be static, I do not expect much regular maintainance as well.

Let BMTC provide the info and we can handle the rest....

Any voluteers?? I am game...

-Srivatsava V

-Srivatsava V

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Website update process

Tech part is easy, the more critical work for BMTC would be the "change process" for the website. Things like - How should the information flow if a route gets added, removed, or updated? How will bus pass information be updated?

This change process will require system for use by BMTC operations (say CTMO's office for bus routes). Operatons should publish the information, and this has to be picked up by the website content team or system (automatically, or manually, with an approval process).

If information flow within BMTC's operations is fairly well computerized, picking it up regularly and "building" a public website out of that shouldn't be a problem.

Innovative thinking needed

 It is not only about updating the website.
Only 1% of people or even less than that have access to computer, Internet and websites.
So, along with updating the website and keeping its content up-to-date, BMTC should also think about popularizing the schemes.
Now regarding BIG-10 and HOHO service, many people don't know that such service exists.
I checked with many of my friends (they have access to Internet all the time and read newspapers regularly) about new initiatives of BMTC and most of them were suprised!
So, that means, if BMTC doesn't advertize about the new initiatives, they will not attract the correct audience.
Every BMTC bus has lot of space for advertizements and also every bus stand has some space.
Along with that BMTC can take few hoardings for sometime to advertize its services.

They should think innovatively about how to popularize its services.
Also, it should do some thinking about, who are the real target for each of the services.
For example, for the BIAL service, the people going to airports - BMTC should find out who are the people who goto airports regularly and how to attract them to use BIAL service.

So, some innovative thinking is needed. comment guidelines

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