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BBMP introduces wireless network for officials

Found this article in Hindu, BBMP is introducing a new wireless network to officials to receive complaints from citizens.
Hope this will bring some transparency with BBMP complaints and how are they being addressed.
Just an excerpt from the article.

"According to a senior BBMP official, interaction between two officers in a particular zone can be heard by all other officers having wireless sets and thus making the communication, particularly while attending to public complaints, transparent within the organisation."

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Waste of money

These guys seam to be mastering the art of wasting money. What was the need to for a wireless network, when we have a superb mobile network in place and also when BBMP is already providing most of it engineers with free mobile connections. What is the value addition of the wireless network?? Transparency - please!!!
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BBMP Wireless network

BBMP has established the wireless net work at a cost of Rs 70 lakh, as per the Hindu report. It is also planning to develop in-house software, on the lines of one being used in the Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC), for monitoring the complaints. While a wireless Police net work is justifiable I am not sure about the BBMP spending Rs 70 Lakhs for such a system. Probably this amount could have come handy in dealing with lot of potholes.

The software initiative is commendable. However the proof of the pudding is in eating. We have to wait and see what the software does in helping BBMP to improve its efficiency in dealing with cities municipal complaints.

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