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Old pedestrian subways neglected by BBMP?

With the coming up of new subways  in Bangalore city ,the maintance on old subways are not been neglected? Who will look at the condition of the present subways like the ones at KR Market and Majestic? Does BBMP doing sufficient work for the maintenance of the subways present at the KR Market and Majestic? So don't you feel that the authority is lacking its duty?

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New subways, Old already

"The subway near Hebbal flyover is not maintained properly. Although it was opened just three months ago, it has turned dirty and almost unusable. The BBMP should clean this subway" This is a complaint in the TOI today.

No maintenance

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The Responsibility is with Citizens Too

It is easy for us to comment & say that new subways are already dirty & littered, etc.

As responsible citizens, we need to make efforts & support the city authorities by scorning & condemning those that dirty public spaces. New storm drains laid out by the sides of streets get filled up with garbage in no time - in fact, everyone imagines that these are for disposing wastes. I dont think it is right for us to expect BBMP to clean the storm drains before each rainy season. Similarly, does BBMP have to clean up the subways daily beacuse of our indiscipline ?

A possible solution is to handover rights for advertising & other such incentives to private parties in exchange for maintenance of storm drains & pedestrian subways. This way, they might even think of having marshals who monitor these public facilities. comment guidelines

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