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Praja caps

One of the common questions from first time members who are coming to the praja meetings is "How do we identify you guys?". We were thinking of getting some praja caps made. These will have the praja logo embroidered in front. They should cost around Rs 100 or thereabouts. Let me know how many of you would be interested. I don't think I can have it made for 21, but will get them for the meeting that happens next.

silkboard's picture

Two for me please

Great idea, put my name down for 2 caps please.

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One for me too :)

Wonderful, i too need one :)
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Count one more for me


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2 for me - Muralidhar Rao

2 for me - Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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A Cap fo Me Too !

This is a great idea -Please include one for me too.

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I'm in

One for me too. I can give you the Praja logo in a vector format so it can be embrioded on well. Let me know narayangopalan82 [at] gmail [dot] com
Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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I'm in

I also need one :)
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Let us get 50 of these done

Deepak, as we decided, lets get 50 of these done one shot. We already have ~ 20 interested right now, and I am sure we will get 30 more requests by the time we are done. I will pay you for the balance caps (50 - current requests) next time we meet.

Anyone else wants to sponsor caps and help distribute them either free or at-cost (publicity for Praja), please drop deepak or myself a private message.

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Here is an idea...

@SB: How about keeping some of these caps handy and presenting them to administrators / leaders when we meet them? Say one set to folks at BMLTA, another set to BMTC, yet another to BMRC folk etc. Do it when we meet them. I'll pay for some of them.

Don't forget to print our URL on them :)


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Update on the caps

I've placed the order for 50 caps. The caps are black in colour. They have the praja logo in the front (same as the one you see on the header of this page). The url ( is printed at the back. Deepak

Deepak Rajanna

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Thanks a bunch

Trust you got the needed graphics from Narayan. We'll all pay you the next time we meet.

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Praja Caps

ssheragu I would like to have one Count me in many thanks Srinath Heragu
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Have the caps with me now

Manjari has passed on all the remaining caps to me now, have 30 left (out of 50) after our Saturday meeting. Will bring these to our next meeting.

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good job

Good job, Deepak/ Manjari - real good quality - surely not made by a PSU :)))

Incidentally, I had the honour of presenting one to Prof Ashwin Mahesh at the end of his talk, as a memento.

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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I should get one - Virtual one


 I should get one - Virtual one till I get a chnace to have the real one.



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