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Pedestrian bridge across Intermediate Ring Road

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Pedestrian Infrastructure

Embassy Golf Links on Intermediate Ring Road, Koramangala is one of first IT parks in Bangalore and houses large facilities of several MNCs such as IBM, Microsoft, Netapp, Yahoo and Goldman Sachs. This campus houses thousands of employees. One huge problem that the employees face is to cross the street right outside their facility.

The intermediate ring road is a 6 lane street with almost non-stop traffic. Owing to the quality of the road and the fact that there are no cross-roads/intersections, the average speed of the traffic is rather high making it almost impossible to cross the road without risking one's life. Sadly, none of the authorities seem to have considered pedestrian safety while constructing this facility.

Mid-day carried a report on the problems faced by pedestrians here ( It's been over a year since that article came out and apparently nothing has changed. Which of the civic agencies should be contacted to have this addressed? Any pointers on what's the best way to persuade them to erect pedestrian bridges? I've heard (but not confirmed) that the problem is compounded because one of the sides of the road is owned and maintained by the military.


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Provide some more details !

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 It would help if you could provide some more information on this junction like google map, vicinity details and some photographs to understand this.

 Do not hesitate to suggest the possible solutions you would think could bring relief for Pedestarians.



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EGL overpass

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I have used EGL business park quite often and understand the issue. If all the companies in the area pooled in some money they could probably build it themselves. Talk to Embassy group to see if they can coordinate with BBMP and and all their tenants to lead this initiative. I dont think the overpass or a magic-box underpass need to encroach into Military territory on the other side. They can always choose a location towards the hero honda showroom where there is commercial property on both sides.
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write to traffic police (dcp east), should help

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The best way to move here is

  • Ask traffic police for help, and perhaps BDA (I assume BDA maintains IRR), write to them. We can all help by joining in to write to them in bigger numbers
  • keep us posted on if and what you heard back. That way we will all know if they are good or bad with responsiveness.

I am not sure about BDA (because they don't usually reply to emails), but traffic police is very helpful, they will definitely respond. I wrote just now to dcp email pointing him to this post of yours. I suggest you as well to write in ASAP. email is dcptrafficeast [at]

Also, find some phone numbers here - http://www.bangaloretraff...

I suggest you call Asst Comm of Traffic Police  Adugodi division (22942115) and see if he can help. Do keep us posted, because we all want to know how responsive (or unresponsive or unhelpful) they are.

One doesn't have to be a celebrity to write to them for help. And don't assume that they are all unhelpful, many are not, esp if the request is reasonable.

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Heard back from DCP east

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"BBMP is under work. subway and skywalk are about to come".
Short message, but prompt reply. There was no mention of the exact location of the subway or the skywalk.
BTW, for those who don't know this area, this is the spot being talked about. I have marked the ped hotposts that I have noticed.
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