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My Mutalik dreams - 'bhrashtachar sene'

Prajagale, I have to write about my dream. I dream about aggressive and passionate people like Mutalik running some other meaningful 'sene' also. Eradu Kanasu. 1) bhrashtaachaara sene 2) vaahana sene

  • Bharashtaachaara sene - Anyone caught accepting bribes will be stripped naked to 'Dostana' levels and pictures will be put up on a hall of shame on websites like Praja. Anyone caught giving bribes will be forced to volunteer at least two corruption raids made by the sene.
  • Vaahana sene - Since Praveen Sood tarahaa people don't have the guts, this sene will hand out on-the-spot punishment for drivers breaking serious rules like jumping red signals, driving above speed limit etc.

These sene will not take law on to their hands. Sene will just request the 'caught' people to 'perform' the punishment to themselves. Stripping or crying 'matte maadalla' can be done by the 'caught' party only, no violence required.

Will my dream come true someday? I am only a student, cannot create sene wene right now.

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may be that tells us something

Do emotive subjects like culture, religion drive more passion in us than the simple issues of Roti Kapda and Makaan? Otherwise why don't we have a few sene like the ones you have dreamt above?

Anyway. I would agree that one such sene to watch and 'punish' bad drivers on the road could reform our roads in a couple of months

PS: not that I support such sene concept, but the question is worth it - why do people not form sene for more visible and reforming causes like these?


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Big NO for self appointed law enforcing thoughts !

SB, swamy,

 However noble your purpose is, means also needs to be noble. Even though swamy's emotional outpouring appeals me also, but can not accept the underlying theme of becoming self appointed law enforcer. If this is right then:

  1. What is wrong in naxal's instant justice system?
  2. What is wrong in various regional outfits that fight perceived/real injustices?

 If we have to progress in the fraternity of human development, we should aggressively move towards a 100% law obeying society. By raising sene and adopting self appointed enforcers operating methodology, we will be weakening the system and that could further lead to anarchy.

 We should be strengthening the system not weakening it.

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The idea is endearing, but I agree with kbsyed..

Swamy's thought is a good one, but if I say that vigilantism can be accpeted in this case, I would be guilty of double standards.

But seriously, just take a look at our election issues. It is all about Temples, Dalits, minorities, "culture and morals", etc. etc... Not a word (or very few) about industrialization, electrification, infrastructure - i.e. DEVELOPMENT.

400 million people in the country are in the dark, without electricity, millions are in extreme poverty, there are large portions of the country full of crime, but people will find time to make an issue out of what people wear and what they drink. Shows a lot about the state of people in our country.

When can I have a political party that focuses only on "DEVELOPMENT"? Wonder if such an entity is even possible in India. If not a 'Sene', Praja's long term aim should be the formation of a political party that can do some real development work.

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Build a neutral election campaign platform?

What if we build Praja to be an election campaign platform where we talk about the developmental issues, and ask around all candidates for their views on them? Members here can catch their bluff, or endores certain stands. Someday, all of us here will like to vote (that comes first, don't know what percentage of PRaja readers are registered to vote), and someday, we will vote based more on developmental issues and less on emotive issues like Mandir Masjid Pubs or Munnabhai.

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Like it with some tweaks...

I'd support such 'senegalu' if they stop being vigilante groups, stop taking law in their hands, and help otherwise. For example, the 'vahana sene' can set shop next to all major junctions in the city and count the number of vehicles moving through the junction (data gathering), take pictures of violators (aid police), help the needy cross the roads, display placards on how to follow traffic rules (educate), help paint the roads (infrastrcuture), supervise B-Trac and other road works (quality control), organize public surveys on their local needs etc.

But it is too much work, does not get your picture on the front page, and being true 'public service' does not take you on the path to the other (more profitable) 'public service' called politics.


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Leave policing to the Police


Your ideas on "senas" sound very encouraging.

But I would - in an ideal world - leave all the policing to the police. I would prefer If the sena worked to put the police to shame than the offenders. You see, Sena cannot be a permanent solution and will not fall under the law. For example - legally you cannot "Punish" someone if they broke a signal - you and I dont have the right to. Same goes with bribe. In fact, If i am not wrong the "sena" can be taken to court and the eveidence can be annulled in such cases (leave that to the lawyers they will find a way out everywhere!)

But, the bottom line is, that the govt and the police are the culprits for letting away corruption and other offenders. Lets aim to change that. Yes it maybe a far fetched option - but its a lot more peaceful, and lawful!

Right now - we need a sena because the govt and the police have failed in many ways. Can we use the Sena to bring them back to what they should be?

C'mon there are a million other careers other than a Sena Activist!!!


Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer

Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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A One more big No

Taking law in to own hands is not an acceptable situation. How ever I would like to have a verbal dual with Mr. Mutalik in person for having done so, preferably on Feb 14 at Cubbon Park. This “Sena” kind of activities look to have at best some ulterior motives than what they proclaim to out side world so vociferously. comment guidelines

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