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Lakes in Bangalore

Over the last 4 years I have been reading about articles in the news papers about the diminishing lakes in Blore. Once the city was proud to have hundreds of lakes, now has only 60+ lakes. I don't have exact statistics but what I know is Lake development Autority was once formed and they are doing the maintaining or for privatization of lakes. I am not against or for the privatization of lakes. What I want to know is, whether there are some corrective actions that are taken in the recent times? Builders are slowly encroching the land and we don't even realize it. There should be some measures taken to revive the lakes. Public awareness should be created. BMC should clean up the lakes. They must have recived the funds to clean the lakes. How many lakes they have cleaned? What is LDA doing? I have seen their website and I don't find any updates since last 2-3 years. Someone should riase the voice. Let me know your opinion.

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File RTIs


The best way to get answers to all your questions would be to file RTI applications with LDA, Revenue dept and BBMP.

You have raised very valid questions and this data should be made available to general public for scrutiny and analysis. Why dont you take up the initiative of filing these RTI applications. I would be more than willing to help you.

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260...51...17: our dying lakes

Can't seem to locate the source right now, but I read that Govt is planning to disband LDA because of its ineffectiveness. Also, I hate to add to the gloom factor, but it's actually just 17 healthy lakes (although its probably more appropriate to call them tanks) as opposed to 51 in 1985 and 260 in the 60s (source: India Today)



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Privatising lakes the solution?

One of the first attempts at privatising lakes has been at the Nagawara lake near Hebbal. It was handed over to a private agency, Lumbini Gardens, for maintenance and development.
Today, Lumbini Gardens appears to be a success story. The lake has been cleaned up, has water all-year round, and offers recreation like boating facilities and a garden, apart from a food court and other frills. But more than anything else, it has also served the purpose the lake was was intended for - it has become a valuable lung space for the residents of North Bangalore. Drive past the Veerannapalya junction on the ORR on a weekend and you'll notice a long line of cars and bikes parked ouside Lumbini, with the occupants - adults and children alike - enjoying themselves inside.
The idea certainly has its benefits - the lake survives, stays clean, and residents get a lung space to relax. Apart from the 'commercialisation' argument, I can't see any cons, and even that seems to fade out in the face of the benefits.
Yet, the government seems determined to discontinue the arrangement. I wonder why? Because it was started by a different government? Or are there any solid reasons, stronger than the benefits this brings?
There have been other attempts at replicating this - at KR Puram and Hebbal.But I have not been to either of those, and I have no idea as to how they are doing. But to me, privatising lakes seems to be the way out - we (h)save the (c)lake, and get to (eat) enjoy it too!
Manish, Nagarbhavi.



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No role for LDA

There had been a lot of action on lafe front lately, google around for news on LDA and BWSSB, you will find lots. For summary see:

Basically, Bangalore lakes are in hands of BWSSB now, taken out of hands of LDA. I think LDA still exists because it is a state level body - they may be running the lakes elsewhere in state.

I have not had the time to track all tenders recently, but I had seen lots of BWSSB tenders back in Dec for lake upkeep and cleanup. If you have the enthu, please do check https://www.mytenderwizar... and check if BWSSB is active on lakes. Site seems to be down now, so I couldn't check myself.

Unfortunately, our chief lakes and bwssb tracker tarlesubba is hiding these days, or else we'd all be current on whats happening on this front :) comment guidelines

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