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illegal property tax collection by non existing CMCs

BBMP has come out with notification to demand property tax from citizens of bangalore, for the current year. However when the citizens in the newly added areas approach the help centres identified for the collection of taxes, they are compelled to pay the arrear taxes due to erstwhile CMC, which is no more existing. It was earlier known that these CMCs were looting the public funds and no developmental works carriedout. Hence people opted out of paying taxes to these CMCs for the last four five years. Now these people are trying to utilize this oppurtunity of public paying taxes. They compel people to pay old taxes due to CMCs. In fact these CMCs are no more and their bank accounts were closed. we dont know how they manage to collect funds and what they are going to do with the collected money since BBMP has taken over fully these CMC areas. with this background I request you the media to bring this illegal try of CMCs to the commissioner of BBMP and bring a stop on this illegal activity of CMC officials.

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not clear - more details please

First of all, we are not media. Writing letters to big newspapers is one way of getting help, but the best way to get help is to contact BBMP directly. We can all help ourselves, thats what we will want us to believe.

Regardless, I didn't get the exact nature of the complaint. Are you suggesting there is corruption here? Or are you justifying a mutiny or revolt of sorts - I wont pay property tax because you didn't give me any facilities. As much as we would like it, that second approach (tax revolt) wont work

If you haven't paid property tax for last several years, you have to pay that to BBMP now. I am almost sure that there would be a penalty-included way (20% penalty for delay, or something like that) of back-paying BBMP. But I am not sure.

Anyway, please do specify this better, because I am sure there are a good number of people in this boat who may not know how to pay property tax for last few years. And if you think there are some ex-CMC officials misleading you, just call Lokayukta.

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arrears on property tax to non existing CMCs

I feel the problem is not understood fully. hence I repeat; the areas coming under CMCs have never seen good roads or drinking water facility till they were under CMC purview. people believed that CMCs would do good and paid taxes to CMCs till say 2003-2004. then the news came in that lot of corruption and raids in CMC offices. this made people to stop paying taxes. Now since last year these areas were taken up by BBMP. also people can visualize some developmental works going on. with some confidence people are ready to pay the new taxes notified by BBMP for the year 2008-2009. BUT THE OFFICIALS ARE DEMANDING TO PAY THE OLD TAXES FROM THE YEAR 2004-2005 WHICH WAS DUE TO OLD CMCs, WHICH ARE NON EXISTING. My questions are; why the people have to pay arrear taxes for the period during which no facilties were provided? Even if it is to be paid compulsory, why the checque need to be in favour of CMCs? where are the bank accounts for CMCs? Who is going to eat this money in the name of CMCs? If it is to be paid to BBMP, the commissioner must issue a seperate notification and some rebate is to be offered to compensate the hardship met out by the CMC citizens. In fact they demand with penal interest. Atleast the interest to be waived. Hope the issue is clear now. comment guidelines

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