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BBMP Contact numbers / emails


I was wondering if someone knew whom or which department to contact to complain about an illegal construction on the foot path. While it is common for people buliding new houses to store their materials on the footpath in front of their house it seems like someone on 15th cross Malleswaram has pushed this to a new high. They have constructed a whole temporary shack on the footpath for the constuction works. This, needless to say, completely blocks up the footpath.

So I would like to call up someone who can perhaps do something about it. I dont want to directly confront them for fear of retribution and its better to do this with the law on my side. I PRESUME it is against the law to do this :)

I noticed that Praja has a `Book of Gyan' but could not find anything appropriate in that concerning this. Perhaps if someone knows this they could put it up there.



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You should contact BBMP!


 This come sunder BBMP jurisdication and you should find the relevent info on BBMP website "".


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Call BBMP helpline

They should respond.

Talking of the Gyan page with utility/complaint numbers, let me add more material there. Will be nice to have one book or page listing all resources (phone, email) where we can complaint or give suggestions.

rs - you can edit or write Gyan pages as well (any member can, its open to all), so add all numbers that you know or will try. And needless to ay, please keep us posted on what you hear back from BBMP.

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Called up BBMP

I looked at the link and called up some number - I forget exactly whom - perhaps some joint commissioner for Malleswaram. Anyway, the person at the other end gave me the following complaint number

BBMP Complaint number - 2356 1692 and I called them up and made the complaint. Now I suppose I will wait and see.

I also sent a few emails to some of the email addresses but so far no response.

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BBMP complaint call center

BBMP recently announced a new helpline / call center to record civic issues. does anyone know this number? It doesn't seem to be listed on the website. regards Naresh
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BBMP call center 24/7

(080) 22660000

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bbmp ward

find out the ward under which your area comes, find out where is that pertaining bbmp office is situated, give a written complaint to the AEE and take acknowledgement. hope some some action will be taken. comment guidelines

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