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Traffic Lights don't work

On one hand, we have the B-TRAC initiative that the Bengaluru Traffic police claim will improve traffic conditions, lights and signage. On the other, we have traffic signals that don't work or work erratically and have gone unfixed for months.

Take the HSR BDA complex junction. When you are travelling from Agara to Silk Board you are forced to cross this junction under a "Red". For more than a month, this particular signal has not shown a "green". All the other directions work except. Imagine the confusion it creates. You are never sure whether it is your turn to move or not. Of course, with our lack of road-politeness, the other directions take advantage of our confusion and jump their reds.

A month and a half ago, it was the Iblur junction signal that didn't work.

What it does take for the traffic policemen to report this malfunction and get it fixed? They are standing right there in the junction.
Even though they are such high-traffic roads, no maintenance ever seems to be carried out on the traffic signals.

How should I take this forward? Who can we report this to? All ideas welcome

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not quite funny!

Very true Bijesh (have I got your name right?). Not just this junction, there are very many of them where the lights are functioning erratically.

Both at the Ejipura junction as well as at the Maharajah junction (in Koramangala), the lights turn to red in between two periods of green for the same direction (one for headinbg in all directions, the other for heading in only certain directions). This is leading to a lot of confusion, and forms a serious hazard. And, though obvious, no efforts seem to have been put in to rectify these from long.

In such a scenario, the traffic police going about fining people, and largely for technical offences, is no longer exactly funny. Check:

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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Dear Muralidhar Rao, We are having a complaint monitoring system at Traffic Management Centre. Any complaints regarding traffic signal lights can be informed to the below mentioned telephone number, 22942926.Your complaint will be registered and corrective actions will be taken immediately & it will be intimated to you promptly.For any valuable suggestions to improve the traffic management system you can use the following IVRS telephone lines...25588444,25588555,also you can use the Toll free Traffic help line..103. with regards sudhirtmc
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thanks Sudhir

We will create a separate page here with phone number and websites for lodging complaints like these. Members of this website should be encouraged to use your helplines.

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Hi Does anyone know how to

Hi Does anyone know how to contact B-TRAC ? Their webpage is now non-existent. While I think they are doing some good I think they need to take advice from locals in the different areas to understand traffic patterns better. I noticed, for example, that they have put a Stop sign on 17th Cross at 4th Main in Malleswaram, while the Stop should be on 4th Main as 17th Cross is in fact a much more heavily trafficked route. It took my 45 minutes to drive from Mekhri Circle to Malleswaram. Ridiculous. In fact it took me 20 minutes from CNR Circle to Malleswaram - 2km - because of the stupid fact that Margosa Road is two-way instead of one in some part.
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To know more about B-TRAC

To know more about B-TRAC Pls log on to  This web site provides all the traffic related infomation & also keeps you updated with latest bangalore city traffic sitution.. 
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Correction to the link

the link has been spelt wrongly here .. the correct link  is

-Srivatsava V

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