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Rallies continue in the city - BSP's turn now

This morning's 30-35 minute commute took over two hours. I come to office, and find it empty. All thanks to BSP's rally at Palace Grounds today. This is the state on eastern suburbs, I wonder what would be the situation in central areas of the city.

Please neta log please. Please leave us non-caring, coward, not-registered-to-vote, callous middle class Bangaloreans alone while we go about indulging in economic activity and paying our taxes to fill the coffers for you to feel good with. If you so love the people of our state, think beyond Bangalore. The state doesn't have just one city. And if you must make your presence felt in the capital, hold your rallies outside the city or at least on the weekends.

Really, what does Bangaore get by being the state capital? Why not move the capital elsewhere to separate the economic and political actions, and in the process, create a greenfield modern city in the state.

Ramesh Ramanathan sir, we hope your PIL against political rallies in the center of the city will consider BSP's latest event as well.

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Do they pay BBMP or Traffic Police?

On separate note, do the parties pay BBMP for the massive amount of hoardings they put up? Or the police for making special traffic and security arrangements comment guidelines

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