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Dreaming BRTS!

There's a million reasons why this might not work in Bangalore, and there's one reason why it might... hope!

Sure it's going to take adaptations to our conditions, and the political will, and better road discipline but as some interviewed in the videos below say...all we need is that one small step. The bad part (in Bangalore), is that we're already behind on the scene... Dilli, Pune, Indore already have their BRTS up and running (our reservations notwithstanding), the good part is that we can learn from them and make changes. Here's to dreaming though!
Making things happen with Bus Rapid Transit, Part I

Making Things Happen with Bus Rapid Transit, Part I -

Making things happen with Bus Rapid Transit, Part II

Making Things Happen with Bus Rapid Transit, Part II -

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BRT Lessons from Latin America

Please go through this slide show of the recent visit of Ahmeadabad BRT panelists to Latin America Cities:

Latin America BRT buses open the doors on the other side of conventional buses. Same is adopted in JanMarg ahmedabad buses with doors on the right side. Low floor buses like our Volvos and the Marcopolos of Delhi are based on Monochoque design which is expensive at 35 lakhs for non-AC buses compared to 12-13 lakhs of conventional ladder type buses.  South american planners therefore thought rising the BRT station platform height is more economical than having low floor buses, same is being followed suite in Ahmeadabad BRT. Delhi opted for  monochoque low floor Tata Marcopolos costing 35 lakhs each with normal left side door opening. Ahmeadabad BRT special buses costs 23 lakhs  which is of ladder type. Our Volvos  costs nearly 80 lakhs. Pune uses Bangalore type of Volvos for BRT . Both Delhi and Pune did not do much home work on this.

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Which side should the doors be?

Vasanth, I can see what you are trying to say about the doors and it will work provided the BRT corridors are long enough to cross the length and breadth of the city - in this way you really have a proper train on wheels (the best BRT systems are exactly that) and you can have doors where ever you want and design platforms what ever way you want.

A'bad and Delhi do have wide roads - in fact A'bad BRTs 2 of 3 corridors are 40 and 60 meters wide and lengths are pretty long.

Now take the situation in Pune - After a handful of kilometers the roads narrow down. The BRT corridors average 6-8km and are disjointed. It makes very little sense to travel on such a BRT where one needs a feeder bus to get to it, then change to another at city center, then again for another set of BRT and perhaps last leg connecting feeder - interchanges on London tube take average 10 minutes (sometimes more). Thus in Pune we need buses that can also ply on normal non-BRT roads to reduce number of interchanges. Hence at least in Pune, the buses have to be conventional.

The point about adopting the principles of BRT and then tweaking them is very important - no one can dream of Bogota style BRT in old cities like Paris and London. This video shows Paris version of BRT - note that they have not restricted themselves to this strange concept we in India have got stuck with i.e. for bus priority we need 100 feet wide roads. You will see from the video that in Paris they have kerbside / median / with flow / contraflow - everything htrown in on roads that are no wider than average roads in our cities like Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.

Mobilien like London does not focus on speed - bus priority is more important for ensuring reliability. In Mumbai when I used BEST, I could work out in few days what bus frequencies were and what time to expect a certain bus (despite all that traffic) and I could leave for work at a scheduled time (I did not worry what if my bus comes early and goes off or what if my bus comes 15 minutes late). Reliability is the key, London bus lanes sometimes are very short (some not even 205 meters long), each such small stretch saves few seconds of travel time but adds to reliability by 60-80%.


PS: Latin America drives on right of road anyway and their doors will be on right as a convention. There is another concept of contraflow BRT / median lanes as well but I won't talk about now to avoid confusion. comment guidelines

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