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voter id

we in our family enrolled with much of difficulty in the voters list.the strret name street name, area name are all right. but the door number is wrong.evenafter gfiving form number 8.whom to approach. we live in chairman layout,near IOB.banaswadi.ward number 89.where is the office or the camp office to give again the form number 8 will anybody guide me regards narayanan
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see their website, should have all the pointers, guys behind the website sould be able to help you out in case you can't figure it yourself.

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why voters id?

Me and my wife have given the necesary forms and documents to the autorities for including our names in the voter list. We were promised that we will be intimated in one month. It has been 3 months and no intimation has ever happened. we dont know who should we follow up with. Tata tea has a website for their 'Jagore' campaign to follow up on the progress. No reply from them. I am wondering why should i try so hard to get myself a voters id when i have to be electing incompetent people. sure, i am complaining like most people when i am not yet ready to see if i can do something about it, and if i can be working for the government agencies and throw my life out of the window. comment guidelines

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