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Sanjaynagar Road Widening

I understand from the Janaspanda programme organized at RT Nagar by Deccan Herald that from january road widening work of Sanjaynagar will be taken up. Want to know whether there is any scope to widen the and road. Which road will be widened. Regards S Venkatesh

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We don't know, photoyogi may

This site only has ordinary citizens, so we won't know. But if you are interested in helping us all know their widening plans, few of us here can help and guide on finding out what their plans are, and if possible help give suggestions as well.

Photoyogi may have thephone #s of BBMP engineers working on it, would be great if you can call them and share what you learn about this widening project.

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SJN road widening...

Even I read about it in DH. As far as I know, some of the properties on Sanjayanagar main road were notified (or called to register objections) a few months back to widen the roads. I also heard from some RWA members that plan is to make this road 60-80 feet throughout from Bellary road till Ring road. I personally doubt if they can do this starting Jan. I can see there are some prime commercial properties that would suffer and they won't give up that easily.

-- navshot


-- navshot
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Off late, with the increase in number of buses and also cars, there is huge traffic jam From Bhoopasand-nagashettihally road and also at RMS Near Foodworld.  Has any one observed this is there any solution to end the problem.
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How much is needed?

There is no use stopping buses, we should encourage more buses. Unauthorized parking and people walking on the road due to encroached sidewalks is the main reason for bottlenecks on this stretch. 

They should include this modification for the bottleneck at the ORR end and improve the geometry of the road like here

The widening attempt is to connect the 80ft road from Ramaiah hospital to ORR via Dr Rajagopal rd south bound. The attempt should instead be to connect the 80ft road to Bellary road via Dr Rajagopal rd. Northbound.

Keeping this road 2 lane with uninterrupted sidewalks and pedestrian crossings every 500 mtrs will send the right signals. All we need for this 2 lane organized traffic flow is 45 ft (14 mtrs) this will give 7 mtrs for road (3.5 mtrs each lane) and another 3.5 mtrs each side for sidewalk. I think there is already 40 ft in most stretches until Nagshettihalli where it is less than 10 mtrs with no space for sidewalk. 60 ft extension will be good but the extra 4.5 mtrs should be used for protected/permissive turn lanes, slip roads, Pedestrian refuges and bus bays instead of making this stretch 4 lane.

I am sure all this will be lost on the world class engineers of our administration and after acquisition we will have 4 lanes of chaos instead of the 2 lanes of chaos now. Because believe me, with 4 lanes and no proper ped walkway or bus bays the outside lane will be used by pedestrians and car parking and we will still be left with just 2 lane traffic and buses stopping in the middle of the road. comment guidelines

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