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movement inside the bmtc buses

i have invariably seen commuters in bangalore who do not observe any civilisation codes. 1.whether the so called "educated" or thugs ,soon after their entering the bus they stand near the foot board only impeding others boarding or getting down from the bus.even if the conductor shouts( please note in majority of buses he will not and if at all he shouts)they will never mind. 2.the conductor never takes cognizence of the materials carried by the passengers and such passengers never care for others in the bus and they never feel ahsamed to place it in the middle of the path( already there is no pathway because of the rush) 3.whether bmtc is having any rules for the luggages that can be carried by the passengers? 4.hazardous materials such as crow bars,iron rods, overdimensional matrilas made of metals are commonly carried without any questions by the conductor. i dont know if luggage is being collected or not 5 if at all persons like me ask them to place such luggages properly without room for disturbance to others ,trouble starts in the name of language( i hail from other state) I am not the person to comment anything on the language or people of paricular origin but about the people who behave unbecomingly in public places public have to be educated (the nowadays so called "educated" are only literates and not educated) what all flashed in my mind i have shared in this forum. if something could be done to tone up standard of this society it will be useseful to the society only regards to members narayanan
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Very Right

I agree - our literates are not educated, though they may pocess multiple degrees.

This is not in just BMTC buses, but also in KSRTC buses. When I had recently travelled to Chennai by KSRTC bus, there was this guy with his laptop sitting next to me, watching recorded versions of some teleserial. After the bus was out from the city, he decided to recline & lift his legs up & rest his knee joints on the back of the seat ahead. He then chose to rest his laptop on the arm of the seat that was between us, & in the process, his laptop began resting partly on my lap.

I pointed this out to him, & he tried to tell me that "I had to co-operate" since he was interested to pursue with his past-time. What a joke !

I told him I would have to tell the conductor if this continued for long, after which he put his knees down & returned his laptop over his lap.

Such occurrences are common everywhere. People fail repeatedly to understand how much they can push for their own benefits. I guess it's bacuase there are too many of us fighting for scarce facilities.

As regards luggage parcels & the like within BMTC buses, I think there is some stipulation, but this is ignored almost always. It may be worth digging up this information & asking why they are not being enforced. comment guidelines

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