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India Calling....

"Which raises a heart-stirring question: If our parents left India and trudged westward for us, if they manufactured from scratch a new life there for us, if they slogged, saved, sacrificed to make our lives lighter than theirs, then what does it mean when we choose to migrate to the place they forsook? "

Couldn't help sharing this kind of Q&A by Anand Giridharadas. This weekend article in the NYT might resonate with some Prajegalu, even if they returned to India after spending only a few years overseas.


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It did a bit

Thanks for sharing the article Ravi.

Going offtopic here, but call to return reminds me of "Swades", the movie. I wouldn't say I returned because of "Swades", but the movie did touch me, some parts of it. I bought the DVD, and at times see the scene where Sharukh Khan, while returning after meeting the poor farmer, interacts with a poor little boy to buy drinking water at a railway station.

Talking of my reason to return, I wrote them out once as a spontaneous post. Summary of it if you don't want to suffer through all the prose - "feels like home". comment guidelines

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