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Speed governors - using technology to enforce speed limits

Here in Karnataka, government is pushing (its not actually govt, its the High Court) speed governors, but they are doing so only for commercial vehicles. If there is a reason or basis for why trucks and lorries are being targeted and not the private cars as well, I would like to know that.

I want to bring in the angle of usage of technology for enforcing speed limits. I had dreamt highly sophasticated speed governor system in this post (

Using a speed governor that can be controlled remotely from a tollgate like structure, we can enforce speed limits in real and hard sense. Depending on the road or area you enter, gadgets would rest your speed limit. This could be cumbersome if overused. Optimal scenario would be to reset these as you cross from highways to city area.

Its just ridiculous that when no road in our country has speed limit higher than 80, vehicle manufacturers sell vehicles that can do 150 kmph or more. Isn't this a bit like selling cigerattes. Speed kills, this point is not up for debate, and that is why we have the concept of speed limits.

Why not use technology to leapfrog the area of traffic enforcement? The technology is here, and it can be made to work. Speed enforcement would be simple. Stop any random vehicle, read the setting of its intelligent speed governor. If it is found to be higher than what it should be for that road (the guy could be tampering), license gone. Simple.

Technology will sure have costs for the users (vehicle buyers). So what? Don't we pay for seat belts which are now mandatory. We do so for helmets as well.

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Speed Cams

Why not use speed cams. They are now present all over UK. IN fact they have evolved now and some even calculate average speeds between two points (cameras) Here is a picture http://www.clearlicence.c... Police cars can detect speeds as well And at times additionally there are police with hand held cameras - Drivers are never stopped unless they are doing dangerous speeds. The camera picks up the speed, snaps a picture of the car with number plate and a fine/penalty notice sent by post. Drivers who fail to pay up are dragged to the court or a bailif sent around. Commercial vans / lorries come with a black box like device which records speed reading and police can access it as well if need be (especially done when investigating accidents). ASJ
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The lazy way

Let us just put it this way... speed governers were the previous govts method of saying "We are too lazy to break our heads on enforcement. I might as well use the money i would spend on adding police and technology to fund my next political rally". The least the BJP has some sense to get it overturned. comment guidelines

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