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Speed Governors are History!

Remember this post on Speed Governors by SB?

SB - Sorry to throw this one out my friend. Did you notice these articles in DH recently?

At least in KA, governors on commericial vehicles (forget private vehicles) are history for now. Lobbies are just too strong I guess.


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Retroactive approach vs OEM'ing governors

Yep, did read them :) There were two problems with the Court/GoK approach: 1) Retroactively adding costs for vehicle owners is not the right way of doing it, you'd always have protests of this sort. Force all Vehicle manufacturers to have governors, like the seat belts. 2) Don't single out commercial vehicles. In that case, retroactive fitting would draw even larger protests. so back to approach #1 - push Tata, Ashok Leyland, Eicher, Volvo, Sonalika etc to have these by default
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Speed Governors - A Better Approach

As already mentioned, the best way to enforce this is to get the manufacturers of heavy vehicles to limit speeds at the time of manufacturing them. If heavy vehicles are made with a maximum speed limited to 80km (or some safe speed determined by the govt), then the question of costs for installation, etc. wud'nt arise as it would already have been factored in with the cost price of the vehicle. For existing vehicles, a time period has to be given - say six months within which they would have to install them, similar to various other items that have been enforced. They have harped on this too fast & it seems to have been killed, atleast for now - another case of misgovernance ! comment guidelines

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