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Mysore Road Flyover - Maintenace gone all wrong

Creating new infrastructure generally takes the spotlight. Maintaining it is not, but it is as important. When properly cared for, things live long and strong.

And we fail miserably in maintaining.
Mysore road flyover was an icon of sorts when it was built. Its current state is deplorable. For the last two / three days, a major traffic pile up occurs from Town Hall end all the way to KR Market. A joint has literally come off. See this article in the Hindu.
See my response entry in this thread. A tender was called by BBMP in 2007. It was due to be opened in Nov 07 for maintenance and repair of the flyover. Almost a year later..... Wondering what happened…. Well, History repeats itself.
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Guess what... Traffic Police seem to have some stroke after all (see the Hindu article in the previous post). Yesterday evening I noticed that the joint was repaired, albeit very poorly. At least it was cared for, properly or not!

They filled the joint with........ asphalt. Whoever fixed it seem to somehow know a technology where asphalt acts as an expansion joint. And this morning I saw more asphalt filling on the opposite side of the flyover. Is it so hard to procure and install these expansion joints? I'll try to reach L&T today and see if they have anything to say.



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height of irresponsibility!

Good Lord! How much more irresponsible can the BBMP get!

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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Once the brilliant engineers

Once the brilliant engineers of BBMP had filled a gap with cement (i guess) whereas they were supposed to have used rubber and iron. As a result of this cracks have appeared at some places (expansion-contraction theory). But the gaps that have appeared now are quite serious and hope BBMP doesn't repeat the same mistake. But we can't expect them to be responsible.
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Sent this mail to L&T.... No answers yet.

Got the mail addr from their website. Long shot... Haven't heard anything back from them yet. Calling them didn't get me too far. Any contacts? >>>>>>> To: lnm at lntecc dot com Sent: Friday, October 17, 2008 12:13:22 PM Subject: Mysore Road Flyover Maintenance Please forward this email to the concerned in your organization. Questions relate to maintenance of L&T constructed Sirsi Circle Flyover in Bangalore. I'm sure you are aware of the current state of the once-beautiful flyover (especially the worn-out expansion joint related issues). I am interested in the state of affairs in Bangalore. I also belong to an online community called Praja (visit for more details). I am trying to find out some details so we can help BBMP to do better: 1. Do you assist BBMP in maintaining or are you involved in maintaining the Sirsi Circle Flyover? 2. Would you be able to source expansion joints for the flyover? 3. Are they hard to get? How long will it take to procure and install them? 4. How often do you recommend replacing the joints? 5. What other routine maintenance activities would you recommend? Thanks, Ravi comment guidelines

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