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HAL with higher landing charges/airport taxes than BIAL ??

I am not aware of the landing charges / taxes etc that was levied in HAL and now in BIAL. HAL is closer to most parts of the city. People want the HAL reopened (atleast for short haul flights). As much as I want Bangaloreans to have a fair 'choice' between airports, I also want BIAL to become the main airport. Consider this: Melbourne (Australia) has two operating airports - The Tullamarine International Airport (located maybe close to 20 km away from CBD) and The Avalon airport (located maybe 45 km away). Yet, there are low cost carriers operating from both the airports. And, there is demand for both. It takes 1 hour to Avalon airport and 25 mins to Tullamarine airport. In Bangalore, the situation is reverse (HAL is in the city). So, is it fair to have higher landing charges/airport taxes etc in HAL than BIAL levied to airlines/passengers? Why?? Operating through HAL will mean: 1. Higher levels of noise/air pollution in the city - So, airlines be 'charged' for damage/repair of environment. 2. Less distance to travel to airport(for most of them)would mean most will prefer HAL airport for short distance fligts. Airlines will prefer only HAL. So, BIAL will lose out if the taxes etc is the same for both airports. The above may ensure a more even distribution of short haul flights for both the airports. At the same time, BIAL will continue to operate some short haul/long haul and international flights. Could this formula work alongside revenue sharing between HAL/BIAL ??
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Let market forces determine HAL vs. BIAL


Before BIAL opened, I had proposed a cap of 30% of total traffic, starting with 3 million passengers for HAL, and allow all domestic flights from HAL. Limiting by distance or aircraft type will create too many hurdles and airlines will loose interest.

In HAL the demarkation is already in place. AAI gets the fees from the terminal, and HAL gets the landing and parking fees.

AAI is part of BIAL. So there should be no reason, why this cooperation cannot be extended to cover AAI's operations at HAL. This would be the compensation to BIAL. Income from an infrastructure they did not invest it.

The need of the hour today, is a low cost airport. I have written about this in my article http://aviation.deveshaga.... HAL airport has to be positioned as a low cost low featured airport. I also recommend your reading professor Richard De Neufville of MIT. He has some articles on the low cost airport systems required to ensure low cost airlines' success.



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