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Bus stop pain points

Bus stops next to signals and the auto drivers' driving menace  into the bus stops when a bus is supposed to reach the stop:

I have been using the services of BMTC for the past one and a half years. what I have witnessed here is unlike any otheer city the auto drivers waiting somewhere near the bus stops have the habit of driving the auto into the bus bay when the bus is supposedd to reach the stop thereby disturbing the smooth boarding of the passengers into the bus and ultimately missing the saame. Several times I have been disturbed like this why not the authorities take cognizence of this offense and take apprpriate action. Second in several places ,there are busa stops either just before the signal or just after the signal there are bus stops.

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Traffic Police's job, not BMTC or BBMP

Good points sir. Several people have talked about this. The rooth cause here is enforcement and penalizing, both the auto drivers who park at bus stops, as well as BMTC drivers, who don't go right near the kerb on bus stands even if there is no auto or indica taxi blocking the bus stop. The ball on this rests in the hands of Traffic Police, neither BBMP, nor BMTC.

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install cameras and put signboards with fine amount.

it is not possible have police standing 24x7 to monitor where the buses and auto stops. BBMP/BDA/Traffic Police should install "Traffic Cameras" and put Signboards listing the FINE amount. Offenders should be penalized. People follow to the place where the bus stops. Hence this is not a "chicken of egg" situation. This alone will ease lot of traffic congestion after Traffic Signals. comment guidelines

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