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Magic for Pedestrains - anyone has pics?

BBMP has done a 24 hour wonder by putting together a ped underpass in 24 hrs using the magic tech ... read this on ToI.

As we had discussed here on Praja..these underpasses are at most best for peds and nothing more and it is good that BBMP has implemented this well.. Btw request folks who pass this stretch to post some pics of this wonder

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Went over it today

Went over it this evening, Sorry couldnt snap as I was beyond it before I realised it existed. There isnt anything visible above the surface (beyond what you see in the news papers) as both ends are blocked by roads. You will see the ends when they gouge out entrances. Its like the pedestrian underpass at CBI jn. Have you noticed it? you wouldnt because its well under the surface. One thing I hope they do. Put graded slopes to the underpasses instead of stairs (like in London).
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Pedesterian needs taken care off on NH7 ?

Seems to be good news for people who live in close proximity to NH7. Are there any plans to create many such magic boxes beyond Hebbal for Ped Xings on NH7?
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NHAI prolly wont allow digging...

...on stuff that belongs to them. There is enough resistance to over head ones which need no digging.
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Hebbal Subway Pictures

Here are a few pictures that i took today. The ramps were yet to be completed - they appeared a bit steep.

It is spacious and hidden unlike those ugly looking overhead walkways. It will also be user friendly since the relative height (in this case depth) with respect to ground is much less than the height of the overhead walkways (translates to less number of steps).

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Hope they dont put stairs

They can keep it the way it is in the picture, sloped. They just need to put concrete and keep it ridged to offer friction to wheelchairs. They can make the slope a little less angular as though the pavement just sunk in and continued on both sides. Hope somebody in BBMP is listening.
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stairs and ramps for metro and magic ped xings

Thanks for the pics Rithesh. About ped ramps..had come across in earlier posts abt arthritis inhibiting road crossing for elders and also disabled.. The above kind of ramp/stair combo should be made available where ever possible.. Thos should be the case for metro too!
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Pictures inline (from Rithesh)

Right now, its easier to show flickr pictures here on Praja. Picassa integration is in the works. Copied rithesh's picture over, and added them inline here: HebbalSubway_20081001_009HebbalSubway_20081001_002 HebbalSubway_20081001_007HebbalSubway_20081001_000
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After seeing pics - looks good!

Looks promising. As asj has been saying, can't have these everywhere, but to cross 'corridors' (meaning heavy traffic roads, or selected signal free stretches (pseudo expressways), these are certainly a better idea. Much less height to step down/up compared to skywalks - I think the effort is about half. And doesn't interfere with future elevated plans. Rain safe - walls on all three sides is a bonus here. And in the pictures, it seems possible that they can have ramps to walk down to the subway. Better than stairs. All in all, looks good. I am hoping they would use these on outer ring road as well (Silk board - Hebbal stretch is going to be made signal free I hear)
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Did you see any provisions for drainage? The ramps will bring in rainwater quite quickly to the underpass. Srivathsa

Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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like majestic ?

this undepass could be done like the majestic one connecting the railway stn and the bus stand..covered from the little water flows in..even if it does it should be drained out! comment guidelines

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