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Praja site for Hubli-Dharwad

We had recently posted about Hubli Dharwad Citizens taking the initiative to help their city.

We think providing a dedicated online presence to the citizens of Hubli-Dharwad will provide a easy, versatile and interactive front to these efforts.

This thread is for indicating your interests and giving your ideas for the Hubli-Dharwad sub-site of, a la

Do register as a user (you will be able to use the same user id/password when the Hubli-Dharwad site is up) and drop a line here.

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with addition of HD, can we get a more direct access to the cities list please? right now i have to either type mysore.praja or hit latest on other praja to access that. perhaps under the explore praja, we can have HD, Mysore, with the Bangalore list in expanded view? when we go to HD then HD would be expanded view but BLR would be a collapsed listing?
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please start

Hi, Its good to see that u have invinced interest in starting the website for the hubli-dharwad. It will be good for the citizens to interact and be informed of the proccedings.
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Its really good to have this.I m frm dharwad. If u need any info about the twin city just contact me i will provide u. Dharwadi
Dharwadi :)
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Hubli site is here

We have created a Hubli-Dharwad site see

Just a placeholder for Hubli-Dharwad enthusiasts to share their ideas and actions. With time, it should help us get Internet enabled residents of the area to this website.

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Hi Hubli Dharwad

Hi All, Its pleasure to see a new dedicated forum for questions and answers related to Hubli Dharwad. I request to Praja website managing team to upload pics of the city it will give better view of city and belief of where we belong. Your efforts to team people from Hubli - Dharwad is highly appreciated. comment guidelines

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