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BTRAC & Signals

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BTRAC is putting signals in almost every intersections and replacing manual signals with lights.

One thing I observed in most of the replacement was that there is more congestion and waiting now. Traffic cops were manually observing the density of vehicles and releasing it accordingly. Waiting times used to be less.

Long wait signal lights are causing delays, frustation builds up and racing starts once the signal turns green.

I have observed that the signal lights on the JC Road, K G Road side is well planned. With so much density of vehicles, still there is very less waiting and vehicles keep moving. A 13 KM travel from my home at BSK to Vidhana Soudha is just 25-30 minutes whereas a 8 KM travel from my home to my office on the Bannerghatta Road if ORR is used is minimum 45 minutes and through internal roads a minimum of 30 minutes. Even all the internal roads are now getting long waiting signals under BTRAC and increasing the delay.

Someone from South Bangalore travelling from BSK 2nd Stage BDA Complex towards Jayanagar could have observed the delays due to the introduction of BTRAC signals at the KR Road and Kanakapura Road junctions which was earlier managed by manual signalling.

What I mean to say is the signalling on the ORR and the BTRAC signalling are poorer and resulting in long waits and delays compared to the age old signalling on the JC Road at the town hall, LIC building etc. Even the signals on the JC Roads are synced, most of the time we get continuous green.


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Vasanth,Same situation near

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Same situation near my house.

The Junction of Airport Road at Command Hospital, was a manual one. The cops used to let traffic go from one road, when there was a break of flow on the other. Once the signal was setup this has gone for a toss. Vehicles come froma green light to a red light and then there is a pile up.

I dont know if this is BTRAC's Vehicle Actuated Signalling or not, but its basically not doing its job half as well as the cop. In fact sometimes when the switch it to Manual the chaos decreases.

I am not sure what B TRAC is doing...

Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer

Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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I find them helpful

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Vasanth, could be that your route has the problem of synchronization, but I find at least the new traffic signals that are showing up at many places (thanks to BTRAC) are helping.

One rout I test once or twice every week is Whitefield to JP Nagar. A few new signals between silk board junction and Jayanagar 9th block (Sangam Circle) seem to have helped, things appear streamlined. I never takes more than 45-50 minutes now.

Same for airport road, it seems to be moving smoother now, looks like the three signals (HAL, isro, manipal) signals are synchronized.

It could also be that the reduced and consistent driving times could also be because of lesser traffic now (compread to 6-7 months ago). But my observation is consistent on above two routes.

One other benefit of new traffic lights is less stress. No eye to eye, rat races, or squeezings at intersections takes away a lot of stress, I am okay giving up 5 minutes of time to buy some peace.


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My feeling about these

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My feeling about these traffic lights is that in general they are beneficial. Cops are okay when traffic is light but when traffic builds up there is a lot of chaos as the cops function on the principle that they should let ALL the traffic in one direction clear before they allow the next. Given that there is oftentimes an infinite amount of traffic in all directions this creates tremendous delays. I think that in fact these new traffic lights have reduced travel times in certain areas - though of course they need to be synchronized on some roads. All in all I think B-TRAC is doing a reasonable job thought I would think they would do better in enforcing the rules and introducing more one-ways, and perhaps think a lot more about existing traffic flow. comment guidelines

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