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Sewerage system for suburban areas

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Don't see any mention in mainstream papers yet, but last week I noted four big BWSSB tenders (see below) for work to provide sewerage system for suburban areas (CMCs) of Byatarayanpura, Dasarahalli and Mahadevpura. Its about Rs 180 crore worth of work, and I really wish some of us took the same interest we do in detailing Rs 20-30 crore worth flyover projects. What exactly is BWSSB doing here, who are the consultants, who is reviewing their plans and appreciating/criticizing their good/bad work?

Is this part of GBWASP (a quick summary here: I assume yes.

 Line #   Qty/Units   Estimated Cost   EMD   Closing Date   Form Fee (Rs)  COT 
 01   01 work   Rs 35,78,00,000.00   Rs 36,00,000.00   16-03-2009 15:00   10400   BWSSB-CIVIL 
 Package No: GBS-2A Providing Sewerage System to erstwhile Byatarayanpura CMC area (Zone 2A). 
 02   01 work   Rs 37,63,00,000.00   Rs 38,00,000.00   16-03-2009 15:00   10400   BWSSB-CIVIL 
 Package No: GBS-2C Providing Sewerage System to erstwhile Byatarayanpura CMC area (Zone 2C). 
 03   01 work   Rs 32,78,00,000.00   Rs 33,00,000.00   16-03-2009 15:00   10400   BWSSB-CIVIL 
 Package No: GBS-3B Providing Sewerage System to erstwhile Mahadevpura CMC area (Zone 3B). 
 04   01 work   Rs 37,92,00,000.00   Rs 38,00,000.00   16-03-2009 15:00   10400   BWSSB-CIVIL 
 Package No: GBS-7A Providing Sewerage System to erstwhile Dasarahalli CMC area (Zone 7A). 
 05   01 work   Rs 33,42,00,000.00   Rs 34,00,000.00   16-03-2009 15:00   10400   BWSSB-CIVIL 
 Package No: GBS-7C Providing Sewerage System to erstwhile Dasarahalli CMC area (Zone 7C). 


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More work floated - Whitefield and KR Puram area

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Saw more tenders floated by BWSSB. 4 items there, 2 for Mahadevapura Area, 2 for KR Puram. All these tenders use some zone terms, like these four are zones 3A, 3C, 3D and 3F. I have no idea what this zone nomenclature stands for.

Total work amount is appx Rs 125 crores.

What exactly are they doing, I am so curious. These are JNNURM and World Bank funded projects.

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Sewerage systems

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Half the free to view links in the tender site are broken. This is probably provision of sewage systems for the newly added BBMP areas. Right now those CMC's use pits for sewage.
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Sewerage in CMCs

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These are the newly added CMC areas where there is no sewerage, as IDS said. On Kaggadasapura road as also on BEML road (both near CV Raman nagar), the process had been started some time ago, but had been stopped since we learnt that most of the houses had not paid for sewerage connections.

This ad probably means that they are trying to go ahead with the job with JNNURM funds. However, as SB says, there seems to no clarity & jobs worth over a hundred crores are being dished out without following tendering norms & without newspaper ads. Wonder if these tenders are posted on their website ?

Water supply to CMCs has not been mentioned anywhere on these tenders, though this has also been overdue for a long time now.

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Yep, its for new CMCs

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We know that. This project (funded by World Bank) is aimed specifically at improving sewerage systems in the newly added areas (new CMS that joined BBMP) of Bangalore Metro area.

But how do we know their scope of work? What exactly is BWSSB doing, what are the timelines? What will be the end result of these projects?

Is BBMP doing anything similar to manage solid waste generated by the new CMCs?

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End result

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What will be the end result of these projects?

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