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Meeting near KR Puram bridge (Feb 7)

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Pedestrian Infrastructure

ORR KR Puram 4One suggestion from Safe Passage folks (CKannan, psaram, sheragu) was to organize a street event at the spot. Lets try it this Saturday (Feb 7, 10 AM). This isn't a protest - no holding-placards or slogan shouting type of stuff. Lets do some street photography, scan the area for all possible violations of (IRC) road building, design, signage standards, discuss solutions on the spot.


If we get lucky and the traffic is heavy (not likely on Saturday), we can witness some chaos involving traffic merge and pedestrians ourselves. And of course, we'd get a chance to see each other in person as well.

Call it a crowdsourcing experiment, citizen networking opportunity, a simple street photo shoot, or just a new kind of meeting. Whatever, try be there and lets have fun participating in this different sort of event.

Let us confirm attendances at this event post. Let us use this post to plan and define the event.

Things to note:

  • Let us converge near the HP Petrol bunk (right where the bridge starts - you should be able to park around the Tin factory. (Kannan, please let us know if you have a better suggestion)
  • There are multiple hot spots here, one near the station, another other at the foot of the bridge, anther as you go towards Benniganahalli. So there might be some walking involved.
  • There is nothing official about it. No luminaries, cheif guests etc, though all are welcome to attend.
  • You are responsible for your own safety. You assume all the risks you take when you walk or jaywalk at the spot. Nobody is encouraging jaywalking



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Map for those who may not know

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Have marked out HP Petrol bunk in the map. If you are not familliar with the area, be careful that you have to move around a lot to take U turns.

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this will be awesome

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this will be awesome. please upload the material you collect.

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Evolve a plan to influence the concerned officials and Residents

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We should establish contact with the concerned RWA. We can offer our help and encourage them to help themselves.

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Will upload all pics

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Just bought a Flickr pro account so no restrictions on photo uploads. I am showing up with a camera myself, but if Photoyogi and Rithesh are present, we are assued of at least have two good photographers to cover all corners of this hotspot.

BTW, parking shouldn't be a problem. If going from whitefield side, park just before HP bunk. If coming from Indiranagar or Banaswadi side, park on the other side just before the railway station, or just take U-turn under the bridge to come close to HP bunk.

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How did the event go?

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SB, CKannan, psaram, sheragu and others,

 How did this "Cross the Damn Road" event go? I can't wait to see the photographs.


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Any Photos from KR Puram event?

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What hapenned? Still no photo news from K R Puram Event this Saturday?

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will upload soon

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We took lots of photos. More than that, I realized that Kannan has already done a lot of thinking on the possible solutions. Will post soon.

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Did you guys do something?

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...or just hung out had coffee and went back :) Not a single soul is talking about this event!!!
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signal is working now!

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Haven't yet downloaded the photos from camera. And kannan is going to scan his suggestions soon and one of us will upload that along with the photos.

BTW, mysteriously enough, a perd-cross signal light right there which wasn't working for a long long time now has started working since yesterday. Could be just a coincidence :) Regardless, nobody was obeying the signal and I am not sure if just that one ped-cross and ped-operated signal is the best idea. comment guidelines

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