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Scrutinizing environmental clerances

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Last month, I spotted two notices from Prestige Group announcing environmental clearances for their projects (Dynasty, Exora). What caught my attention was that document numbers and a website were mentioned, I assume for us, the public, to see the documents for ourselves.

The website mentioned was that of SEIAA, stands for State Environmental Impact and Assessment Authority. Every state is suppoed to have an SEIAA. Website is Other website where we may find the Prestige clearance documents would be our state pollution control board: Another website, where the documents could be found would be central government's ministry of environment and forests -

Now, here is a challenge for us - find these clearance documents dated 22/11/2008. If the intent of these public notices is for us to view the documents (there may be rules mandating this). I am only curious if its technically possible for us to see these notices in full.

I would also want to know if similar clearance documents showing adherence to development norms (Masterplan, Byelaws, Traffic plan etc) are made available for the public to see and scrutinize. Does anyone know?

[PS: Nothing against Prestige here, I just picked out their public notices as examples.]

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