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56 motorized sky walks for pedestrians!

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Pedestrian Infrastructure

Not that BBMP doesn't care for pedestrians. They have been talking about motorized sky walks for sometime now, and earlier this week, a BBMP tender showed up with plans for sky walks all around the city - 56 of them, and with escalators!

"These sky walks are proposed with attractive escalators of adequate capacity on both sides of the road which shall facilitate the vertical movement of the users for climbing as well alighting purposes"

As I said, the fancy skywalk talk isn't new. Earlier this year, BBMP had plans for 30 "capsule lift" based sky walks, refer this tender dated 12th Feb 2007:

"These sky walks are proposed with attractive capsule lifts of adequate capacity provided on both sides of the road which shall facilitate safe vertical movement of the users."

So it could be that the "capsule lifts" have given way to regular escalators now. Or we may be on track to get these 56 as well as those 30 sky walks. Don't know, but let us take anything we get.

By the way, even with escalators or lifts, I think our pedestrians will prefer to walk across the road. Design for these skywalks must include barricades or fences to deny the run-through-traffic short cut to willing pedestrians.



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Road widening division

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Off topic, sorry. But I couldn't help notice that the this sky walk tender document was issued by the "Road Widening Division" of BBMP. How do you link sky walks with Road widening!? And BTW, some people called "Road widening division" the 'pavement eating' and 'tree cutting' division of BBMP ;) Just kidding.
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but, you need good quality power supply for that

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You may have fancy capsule lifts, escalators, et al. But, for these to work dependably, you need good quality power supply. Is BESCOM equipped to provide that? No way, if you ask me! Look out for my next blog on that. Muralidhar Rao
Muralidhar Rao
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let skywalks arrive ...

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... first, public pressure will then ensure the these escalators get ample electricity. comment guidelines

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