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Forced pedestrianization! An opportunity.

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Brigade road is going to be closed for vehicular traffic for 10 days, per this DH report.

"With the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) expected to begin additional pier construction work at M G Road-Kamaraj Road junction, near Cauvery Emporium, traffic authorities will soon issue a vehicle movement diversion/restriction plan that would prevent entry of vehicles to Brigade Road. However, the restriction will be in place only for ten days."

How sad, the report terms it a 'shutdown' of Brigade road. Agree, vehicles would be stopped and there would be chaos knowing fully well how well such disruptions are planned and handled. Given a chance, I'd spin it as a grand opportunity to experiment with the idea of pedestrian only street. 

Praja pedestrianization enthusiasts, here is a window to collect some real-life data. Can we convince someone to organize surveys of shoppers and shop keepers before, during and after this 10 day period? Any ideas?



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Great Oppurtunity

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This is an excellent opportunity to study the impact on traffic with Brigade rd closed for vehicle entry. I am sure this is not for just 10 days, but will more likely be for months as pier construction will take quite a while. We cud use this to push for pedestrianization of the road after checking the impact.

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Good opportunity for Big 10 too

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Don't get too hopeful.  There is always scope to let in vehicles from Residency Road side and then let them onto Church street and then onto St.Mark's Road.

But good opportunity for the public to see what a road free of cars will look like.  Also a good opportunity for Big10s terminating at St.Patrick's to up the load a bit.  A BMTC bus stop at New Opera (!) will help.  Currently the long stretch on Residency Road has just 2 bus stops - one at Bangalore Club and one at Mayo Hall.  None at St. Joseph's (there used to be one here) and none at New Opera (instead we have autos all lining up there now).


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Residency Rd Bus stops

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I also feel that the long non-stop distance by buses from near Bangalore club to Mayo hall (except at signals) is not in keeping with commuter needs.

The St.Josephs college stop & an additional stop near Opera are essential as the route cuts through the most important commuter pickup & dropoff points.

I wonder what the rationale was to do away with these stops in spite of there being a bus shelter near St.Josephs college.

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Someone thought about it in 2002

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See this link from TOI, reported way back in Oct 2002:

N.S. Srinivasan, the head of Chennai-based Traffic Advisory Forum and adviser to the traffic department, has submitted a report, where he has recommended banning of traffic on the (Brigade) road and turning it into an exclusive shoppers' area.
The study is a part of the Central Area Traffic Management Project mooted by traffic department to decongest the core areas

Wonder what happened to the study and subsequent report....

Back to the original Q: Can we do something to initiate a study to collect data before, during and after this disruption? Where can we start? I say 'initiate', since such a data collection exercise in itself may be too complicated an exercise to be a Praja Project.

Most of the time our discussions revolve around hypothesys, and assumptions.  I think this would be a great oppurtunity to change the basis of discussions, and talk data instead.


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Brigade road data may not be valid

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Due to trafffic diversions and less parking space around the area, lot of people may shun coming to brigade road during these 10 days. Especially the shoppers. Not all will switch to Big 10 or public transport. comment guidelines

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