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Doctor saves two 200+ yr old uprooted trees...

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Cardiologist Dr Ramana Rao spent around a lakh to save two 200yr plus old peepal trees uprooted on Tumkur Road.

See this report in DH: Doctor Injects life into trees.

I traced his contact # (080-23616666), and called to thank him. You can't miss his joy over those age old trees sprouting again.

A good example of someone 'just doing' it, instead of just talking about it.Thank you Doc.

He was okay with announcing his telephone number on the net, and was open to recv calls. Show your appreciation. See if you can help in any way in finding the sponsor he is looking for.



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Another news report

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Bangalore Mirror, Apr 18: Doc Injects Life into Fallen Giants.


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nh7 widenin

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That road is full of tall and old trees..all that is being turned to history with the widening project! 
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Widening and trees

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The Doctor's effort is commendable and exemplary. He also should talk to his CA

for getting tax benfit on his monetary efforts.

There are two aspects to this:

The environmental degaradation- direct of cutting trees. Indirectly it saves fuel and time and most importantly human lives. The cost of a human life even a human living below poverty line of India should be much more than a tree. Don't raise your hands environmentalists but the calculation for both (tree and human cost ) is erraneous.

Secondly the uprooting agency has to replant the "green belt"as per any Construction Contract. The problem is in enforcement of the same. Like the Doctor used "gibrilic acid"-he is succesfull.

Atleast some local bodies in Jaipur have successfully replanted trees.Many survived but many "died" after  being healthy. They had that kind of a strangling plants getting sprouted on them.

Just like any viral Flue.So maintenance is the key monitoring parameter.

We have to practically weigh the pros and cons of "rehabilitation" of trees.

Senario (s)

1.0 The good Doctor goes on his weekend trip and his vehicle crashes in one of the trees which was NOT cut.

2.0The good doctor goes on his weekly trip and saves  time and is less stressful. So the time and fuel he saved is because of the uprooted trees. 

My views and I guess I like to flow against the stream or lets call the in thing. 

Why cant we switch to carbon trading ?



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