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BMLTA - Map Browser

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Public Transport

Been a while since we talked BMLTA. Browsing their website, found this beta of Map Browser added in Oct '08. Wonder how we didn't notice for so long...

Commendable goal. Quoting their website:

The Map Browser aims to present spatial information on:

> Jurisdictions (BMR, BMA, BBMP, etc.)
> Transport Network and Existing Infrastructure and
> Projects / Plans proposed in CTTP for Bangalore.
In the subsequent release, project status tracking feature for the projects proposed in CTTP would be included.

I spent a few minutes looking at it - seems kind of slow at present. As stated by BMLTA, it is certainly in its beta infancy. We have a good oppurtunity to make it a much needed and real useful tool. Let us take a good look, discuss and submit our constructive feedback.



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Their gallery and banner photos intrigue me. What are their intentions of mixing up images from other countries? Their interact section just has a link to youtube and google photo search.Why is reaching BIA an important section deserving a slot on the main menu? Their links to BMTC is a 404 notfound, their link to information on bangalore is a wiki entry. They need some help.

At least they have a link back to Praja on their links section. We should ask them to close down their inactive forums and just integrate praja into it instead.

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Interesting facts from BMLTA Meeting Minutes !

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The minutes of BMLTA meeting held on 26-08-2008, has very interesting notes. One item that was discussed was:


Public Works Department (NH Circle) 9.

Widening of Road at Benniganahalli – KR Puram Junction The Commissioner, DULT apprised the Task Force of the joint inspection undertaken by the Commissioner, BDA and Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) as irected by the Chairperson in the previous meeting. As an outcome of the joint inspection it was informed that the BDA had indicated alternate land to the railways for the construction of booking office and they have also deposited the requisite amount with the Railways for the said work. The Commissioner, DULT apprised the Task Force that the BDA is in the process of preparation of DPR for widening of Outer Ring Road in KR Puram area.

Action: BDA / Railways


Hope we get a chance to get the latest update on this.



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I'm glad the babudom in Kumarapark West have woken up to the crisis in 'faraway' KR Puram (atleast for them!).

Lets see how long this takes to translate into action. I commend the work of prajaru here. I suppose the Hon'ble MLA of KR Puram, Shri Nandish Reddy might have put the appropriate pressure on the babudom to solve this issue. 
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Metro Overlay on BMLTA map browser

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If you observe the Metro route overlay on this BMLTA map, it provides the alignment and the location of the stations for the approved parts ofthe first two lines and for the extensions proposed, only the alignment is shown.

Line 3: Yelahanka-EC touches the East-West line near Cubbon park. But suprisingly, the two alignments are shown for Yelahanka-Cubbon park section. I am not sure if these are the two options studied, of if both are part of the plan!!

Line 4: The Map also shows a Whitefield to Mysore Road metro line, running parallel to the East-West line.

Wonder what the plans are!! And why are they to be seen only on this map and not on the BMLTA website of even the newspapers??

-Srivatsava V

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