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Improving Road Safety - Fiji Experiment

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Happened to come across this PDF on worldbank website. Read item (b) - Fiji.

Interesting.... 10% of the third party insurance premium goes to Fiji National Road Safety Council (NRSC). Benfits both insurance companies and the population.

How about a similar local experiment, say just in Bangalore? We have around 30 lakh vehicles on the road. Say Rs 100/- of the insurance premium per vehicle goes to a Bangalore Road Safety Council (BRSC) every year. That is Rs 30cr pa. Sustained, year on year. With some grants, and run well, such an entity should be able to do some real progress in research & education.

We could even have BRSC to be a part of IISC.... Recent CiSTUP intiative was started with same amount (Rs 30 cr) as corpus fund (read this DH article) and IISC was going to call on GOI for 30cr y-o-y.

I'm willing to shell out an extra 100 bucks as a cess on the insurance premium. What do you say?



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Fiji NRSC website

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